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Great for free ride
Posted on 2018-08-16
These are from my experience some of the most controllable free ride wheels that provide a great amount of control along with some good stopping power for cornering if you’re doing fast freeride.
Posted on 2016-01-19 Verified Purchase
These Bustin wheels are the thaniest wheels I've ever had as well as being very controllable while sliding. I would totally recommend these wheels for anything freeride and their progressive shape makes the ride feel the same to the core. These come pre-broken so you can dump thane sraight outta the box, and look cool while doing so as the overall aesthetic of the wheel looks sick and will get you mad ladies in the process.
Great bearings
Posted on 2015-11-30 Verified Purchase
These bearings are kick ass, they've lasted longer than any other bearings I've rode and they only need cleaned once over the course of two months! I'm not particularly gentle on my bearings either, I can confidently pump out 90 degree slides and not have to worry about theses bearings breaking on me. I would recommend these bearings anytime, just due to the longevity of their build and how smooth they ride.