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Posted on 2018-08-10 Verified Purchase
Bought the 90a's and literally got them in 2 or so days. I haven't had too much time to ride them, but here's my experience so far: these wheels cruise shockingly smoothly for such a hard wheel. They're extremely icy, so I certainly wouldn't suggest these for fast freeride; and because they're so hard they work well for the light flip trickery and freestyle I've attempted on them so far.
Posted on 2017-06-13
Slapped these on my dk for some technical sliding. I had my doubts about their capabilities due to their sister durometer, but the wheels perform really well. Blunts, 360s, and all other technical slides my group and I have tried have worked without a hitch. On a dk they almost feel a little sugary when they slide, which is different from a hard wheel, but it's a welcome difference. On a regular longboard setup, these slide for DAYS. They send hard without much initiation force and feel icy, but in a good way. I've experience slight coning on these, but that was easily amended by flipping them. You can't go wrong getting these for a dk setup where you want to get technical but stay in control or a longboard where you want to get icy and technical.
Awesome wheel
Posted on 2017-06-13
My first set of these were swirled and I realized that months after purchasing them. I contacted Remember, and they sent me a new set no problem. The wheel itself is great as well. It comes with a persistent mold release which is best worn down through doing some fast predrifts. After being broken in, the wheels have a nice slide. On an average day, the kickout doesn't need to be super intense, but it's fairly defined. During the slide you've got control and can really scrub off speed if you so desire. On a hot day kickout becomes near effortless and the slide is fairly icy. On a really cold day, they might not offer the best slide. That being said, I don't switch out my wheels much and I almost exclusively ride these wheels. They do a great job of meeting my skating needs, and they last FOREVER and don't Thane. I tip my hat to Remember.
Great board
Posted on 2016-08-19
This board has some nice concave to keep you locked in during slides, and is overall a great and inexpensive board for downhill and freeride. If you're looking for a directional board with a functional kicktail, adequate wheelbase, rigid construction, and decent concave, this is a great choice for you.