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Mega predictable
Posted on 2020-09-20 Verified Purchase
After the first session with these, I already felt like I'd been riding them for years. They release, and hookup exactly when, and where, you expect them too. The "getting to know the wheel" phase is non-existent, and I love that. Definitely not strong gripping wheels, but will handle less aggressive carves no problem. My favorite 70mm wheel in 2020, no doubt.
Posted on 2020-05-19
Easily the best value freeride truck. To beat these trucks, for freeride, you'd have to spend a couple hundred dollars, and it would still be really close. Pair them with 76a lil hoots for a perfect color match, uber slidey, controllable, setup.
Good, but awkward
Posted on 2019-11-26
The reaver is a good deck, I love the shape and size. However, the front drop is a bit awkward. It's a far distance behind the truck, and is entirely linear, which is great for riding with your feet at 90°, but it's not very confident inspiring at around 45°, or in a tuck. I'd love to see a V2 reaver with an elliptical drop, allowing your toes to be closer to the truck, and more foot placement friendly.
Drop thru dream
Posted on 2019-11-09 Verified Purchase
The best trucks for keeping a drop thru board agile. 2° higher than all the competition, plus the rake, makes them very carvey and lively. The only downside is that you should really put harder bushings on them if you're anything above 120lbs or so.
Posted on 2019-11-07 Verified Purchase
They don't last very long, BUT hands down the smoothest, and overall best feeling smooth finish freeride wheels on the market. 10/10 will buy again.
Slop stoppers
Posted on 2019-11-01 Verified Purchase
Perfect to cut down on slop with cast trucks. The extra bit of diameter plus, the hard insert restricts lateral play substantially, while maintaining the proper amount of turn you'd expect from traditional barrel bushings. I've ridden/tested them in both Paris' and Calibers, and they are an absolute joy.
Very precise
Posted on 2019-07-10 Verified Purchase
The WFB formula is the secret to making your standard Paris, caliber, etc, handle more like tall barrel trucks. They offer very precise control, as well as removing the twitch that you get from having too much rebound during fast switchback turning. Personally using them on 43° Paris 150 V3's.
Pleasantly surprised
Posted on 2019-07-05 Verified Purchase
I was skeptical about the V3's because Paris only advertised the strength gains on launch. But after getting my hands on them, I can confirm that the bushing seat is tightened up just enough to actually be called a bushing seat, and maintain that famous, lively, Paris truck feel. The baseplate even weighs around 8 grams less, and hanger weight is still the same, despite the V3 being beefier. They feel in the hand like a higher end truck. It's difficult to explain, but the new construction certainly feels cleaner, and more precise. As someone who owns nearly every version of Paris rkp's, including savants, I'm overall very impressed by these V3's, despite being very skeptical about actual performance gains at the beginning.
Blu Balls 4 the win
Posted on 2019-06-23 Verified Purchase
Dumb fast straight out the box. Zero break in period. Bigger balls roll with a bit more noise, but it's hardly noticable. Can't hear them over 50mph winds anyway, if ya know what I mean ;)
G Eazy slides
Posted on 2019-04-09 Verified Purchase
Hands down best where for learning standup slides. Slippery like a street wheel, but doesn't bite into pavement like street wheels do, making them much more smooth.
Paris Vs Ronin
Posted on 2018-12-29 Verified Purchase
With the savant 43s being around the same price bracket as the cast katanas, that's what I'm gonna pit them against. Both trucks dive HARD and are very responsive. The savants come with a sleeved roadside washer, and slop stopped on the boardside bushing. The katanas have their famous support pin that essentially does the same thing for stability, while keeping the unrestricted bushing feel. Both have a race inspired pivot joint, and both have 96a tubes to go along with them. In classic Paris style, the savants sit taller than the competition, around 5mm above the katanas. This helps give me better wheel clearance, and increases turn, compared to ronin's crazy amount of lean. Because of this, I find myself running my savants more than my katanas. They help eliminate too much wheel bite, if you cruise between spots, or use your dh setup as a casual board now and then. BUT if you're solely looking for an affordable, hardcore downhill truck, I take the katanas. Especially if you have a drop deck that you don't need to worry about bite on. For clarity, my setups I've tested these trucks on are a DB contra 35 with a 27" wheelbase, and a 2019 Madrid dominant with a 26" wheelbase.
Posted on 2018-10-26 Verified Purchase
Way more stable and responsive than any 10in cast truck I've used, including caliber 44s. 5° of wedge/de-wedge makes them very race worthy for a newby like me. In conclusion, I'm in love with them. If you're concerned about switching from 180mm to 160mm, don't be. They are very worth every cent.
Mini Vanguard
Posted on 2018-09-03 Verified Purchase
I spent a good bit of time searching through every company to find a deck to serve as a smaller version of the vanguard, but couldn't find one anywhere. The fattail is around the same overall size, but has much tighter wheelbase options, so I finally convinced myself pull the trigger on it, like I always knew I'd have to eventually. The fattail (flex 2) excells at carving exactly how you would expect it to. It dives in and rebounds out unlike any other brand, as far as I've experienced. This can make it a little more difficult for newer riders to learn on; I've been bucked off my fair share of boards in past when I wasn't expecting the rebound they had. But of course you can opt for the flex 1 version if that's a concern of yours. Also, I did notice that with how the nose is designed, you can't get your front foot as far up to the truck as you can on a traditional pintail, so low speed pumping is a little more difficult to initiate. For me the deck fills it's purpose like only a loaded deck can do, with incredibly smooth flex characteristics. BUT if I were to do it again, I don't know that I'd choose to spend Loaded kind of money, instead of going for another traditional pintail with a similar flex/pump, and maybe put the extra money into new bushings and wheels.
Hard to beat for the price
Posted on 2017-07-28 Verified Purchase
At first I thought that this deck might be a little big for a smaller guy like me, but as I learn and progress and refine my beginner downhill stance, I've found that I'm growing into it, and it's size is really perfect for me and where my skill level lies. I have it set up to a middle ground wheel base, probably 26 something, and that seems to be enough to handle the cracks that are on my neighborhood hill. The only thing I would change about it is give it a little more faded W concave a couple inches after where it ends in the rear
love it
Posted on 2017-07-28 Verified Purchase
This helmet surprised me when it came in. I expected it to be somewhat heavy and bulky, maybe because of how it looks with that visor. But its really lightweight and feels great. It also come with ample extra pads for every section of the helmet in different sizes. The helmet comes out of the box with all of the thinnest pads in place to accommodate for the largest head size, but it allows you to mix up the fit anyway you want. My head is a little more of an oval so i ditched the thin pads on the sides and stuck on the largest ones it came with, the large one on the top, and the medium size pad for the rear, and really could not ask for a better tailor fit. Can wear this thing for hours and not get annoyed. Super happy with it.
Mega smooth
Posted on 2017-07-27
They came on a carving deck that I got a while back and they're just like skating on clouds and grip super well.