Cesar Pucheu

Specializing in Downhill


  • AKA: Pucheu
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Puerto Plata, DR.
  • Years Skating: 6
  • Go-To Setup: Sector9 , Wheels Muirskate, Bearing Beasto, Truck Pistol Pete
  • Longboarding influences : Giancarlo Di Vanna, Quisqueyanos del Patio, James Kelly, Byron Essert and Louis Pilloni.
  • Favorite Hill: La Lomota, RD. and GMS.
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Product Reviews:

wheels for pro riders!!!!
Posted on 2017-12-11
They are definitely the most reliable wheels for DH, they have the best balance between grip, acceleration and speed. the most interesting thing is that it is how they react to the rain with lines or not. Of course I would buy it again ... Thanks! César

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