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  • AKA: B.Scratch

Product Reviews:

Gotsta have deez if ya got a drop through board yo!
Posted on 2019-10-02 Verified Purchase
These were a must for me as I’m super freakn picky about my setup NOT making all kinds of annoying arse noises as they’ll drive me bonkerz if I don’t end up fixing them! Don’t hesitate, 👮🏻you sum of deez! Thank me later!
Riptide APS tall barrels
Posted on 2019-10-02 Verified Purchase
I’ve tried both Riptide APS (90a) & Krank (90a) in tall barrels + some APS tall Fat Cones (92.5a) along w some Venom HPF tall barrels (90a + 93a) and I always find myself going back to buying Riptides, more Krank talls lately as I really like the way they feel paired w/ Amish flat sleeved washers! But to be honest, my favorite bushing setup I’ve finally found to like the most is 93a Venom HPF talls BS paired w/ 90a Riptide Krank talls RS as this feels absolutely perfecto for my type of riding!