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I love this footstop
Posted on 2020-02-16 Verified Purchase
I have this on my downhill board; makes my lead foot feel super locked in. I want another for my new deck..
Magical trucks
Posted on 2019-08-16
I have savants, ronins and Randal r3s on various boards. I was riding my ronins for downhill / fast freeride. I almost bought some k5s, but held out for these trucks to release. So glad i did! These trucks are SUPER forgiving. They have been an absolute pleasure to ride, and they're very versatile. Now i want them in all my boards, and now that they have 150mm and offer base plates and hangars separately i can mix and match. Oh, forgot to mention they are also the lightest of all my trucks, by far. The only mod i made was to add a rubber washer over the rear pivot cup; these cups are very open and the rear collects a ton of dirt inside (at least if you ride dirty roads, like i do). Also, these trucks made me fall in love with hardcore bushings. I don't know why I was reluctant to try bones bushings for so long; I've traditionally ridden venom. Now i find myself putting hardcore bushings in all my setups for a sweet, surfy-but-controlled ride.
It is what it is
Posted on 2019-07-13
I bought these to replace the washers that came with my rf-1/hardcore bushings. They're a great fit/match. Saves me a trip to the hardware store. What more do you want?
Posted on 2017-01-23 Verified Purchase
These wheels are awesome, and they do, in fact, roll for days. I had another pair of 83mm flywheels on my board, but it just seemed like I was having to work too hard to push around town. I replaced with these and holy smokes, what a difference! They do suck in the rain though. I nearly broke my ass as soon as I tried to carve a little in the rain. Worth every penny tho.