Specializing in Downhill, Cruising


  • AKA:
  • Years Skating: 3
  • Go2Setup: Original Skateboards Arbiter36, Bear Kodiaks 48/30, Riptide Bushings, Venom 76mm Cannibals, Zealous Bearings.
  • Setups in Quiver: Downhill, Freeride, Park, Cruiser
  • Setups to Add to Quiver: Dance, Slalom, LDP, Luge
  • Home State: California
  • Music Choice: Rock/Heavy Metal

Product Reviews:

High quality
Posted on 2017-05-11
I bought this board for my brother as a deck for those carver trucks. The deck is so light and easy to carry and the design is slim and can fit most anywhere. He let me ride it and the experience is so much fun, the rear kick tail is fun to play with, and the nose flair is equally as fun. It can lean and carve very deeply without getting wheel bite. The deck has maintained its strength for its size and it seems that it doesn't compromise at all. (I have not tried many cruisers but this is just high quality that you want and expect for not having much of a reference point.)
Better than Bones
Posted on 2016-12-06 Verified Purchase
I have ridden bones bearing all my life. And the bone redz ceramic go just as fast as these, but cost 7 times more. For quality and price, these are the best. And you have fewer parts for easier use. Built in speedrings and spacers are amazing.
Better than anything else.
Posted on 2016-12-06
I have tried a lot of pucks and these are by far the best out there. They may be a little pricey to some people. But for the quality and use you get out of them, completely worth it. I go out and skate almost everyday. I slide a lot, and fall a lot too, these pucks catch me and carry me without feeling like they are wearing down. Right out of the box they are smooth and clean, and after the first couple slides they still feel smooth. They get rougher the more you slide, but the wear is even and the feeling is just as good as when you first bought them. If you haven't tried these pucks then you are missing out, and spending more money to replace yours. I've been sliding and sliding and I'll go through a few set of wheels before I need to think about buying new pucks.
Forged perfection
Posted on 2016-10-19
I have always loved bear trucks. But this product made their quality affordable. Comes with everything you need to dial in your settup to evactly how you like it. Depending on your bushings you have a board that can carve on a 26-28 inch wheelbase, to a downhill machine with a 25-26 inch wheel base. I continue riding different truck so I can have a knowledge of all of them. And bear is my preferred.
Best free-ride and beginner downhill deck
Posted on 2016-10-12
It is one of the best decks for free riding with the kick tail and short wheelbase, but with the right setup and extending the wheelbase it can be a super stable downhill machine. It allows for so much customization that the opportunities the board gives you is endless. Defiantly a recommended board for anyone wanting to get into longboarding but not knowing what they want or where to start.