Specializing in Technical Downhill, Freeride, Cruising


  • AKA: El Flamingo
  • Age: 22
  • Current Setup: Subsonic Shadow 37, with Zealous bearings, Rogue trucks, and Akasha FR's, and for bushings, I ride Red Riptide Roadside, green riptide boardside
  • Favorite Animal: Octopus
  • Influences: Victor Earhart, Troy Pemberton, Topher, Crunchie, Zak, Josh Neuman, Sam Galus, Riding buddy Kenneth
  • Music to skate to: Nothing. Only the sound of the wind passing by my ears as I do a standie, hearing the wheels scream in speed.
  • Favorite drink: Coconut Water, Dr. Pepper, Water
  • Years Skating: 3
  • Home : Washington State, USA
  • Wishlist: Omen Barfight, Omen Sugarkick, Omen Grim, Omen Mini Sugar 2.0, Ahmyo Vibez, Free Dumb's, Free Willies, Paris Savants, Moonshine Hooch, Moonshine Rum Runner, TSG Carbon Pass, Cast Rogue's
  • Motto: I don't care how you look, you're wearing a helmet

Product Reviews:

Works super well
Posted on 2018-03-19 Verified Purchase
It worked well for me, but after trying them out, I learned that I prefer a symmetrical setup. It's okay, since they're cheap. If you're not sure, pick it up anyways. Worth the money to know whats your feel
Great Bushings
Posted on 2018-03-14 Verified Purchase
I bought this, to tune in my setup, and get the perfect feel. I ride purple roadside, and red boardside, and it's perfect for me (5'8", 140 pounds). I ride my trucks super duper loose. However, when I put them in my Bear 852's(ew lol), they were a bit hard to get set in the bushing seat. A tad bigger than my stock. When you finally got the king pin nut on to tighten, I tore up the back red bushing a bit (took a small chunk off). However, I'm not complainin. Gonna get me some Rogue's soon, and I'll get a new pack of tall barrels too. (Oh, and don't forget about the fact that you now have extra bushings for a footstop. I used the glow in the dark for a footstop, and it's pretty slick in the dark!!!)
Mmm, nice
Posted on 2018-01-20 Verified Purchase
Good stickers. Stayed on my board, car, and buttons. Only complaint I have, is that there are not more stickers!
Work well
Posted on 2018-01-19 Verified Purchase
Kept my deck and feet happy, and it will keep yours too. Just make sure you have the right size, and youll be a-okay
Good Quiver Killer
Posted on 2018-01-11
This board is the shit! Whether you want a small wheelbase, and tkp's for the street, or you want a bigger wheelbase for freeride and downhill, this is the board that can do it all. I switched from a Drop through to this Top mount, and top mounts are where it's at. Plus, the added kicktail adds a nice lil quirk to downhill if you wanna endanger yourself and go on two back wheels. The largest wheelbase if 24", and it definitely is good for freeride. Downhill is great too. If you're on a budget for a board, then get this one. Earthwing is a great brand. Get this deck. (and don't forget about the skatan graphic)
Posted on 2018-01-11 Verified Purchase
These guys are long lasting, and have built in spacers. Plus, they're ceramic. While they aren't particularly faster than Zealous Greens, they're most definitely more durable, and fast af nonetheless. You can't go wrong with these!
Baller Af!
Posted on 2017-10-15 Verified Purchase
These trucks are hella sick. I went freeriding a lil, and they were a dream. Then, I flipped the hangars, and they're perfect for downhill. These are great for anyone, even if you're into carving, then these will be great for you too. Recommended for anyone, and everyone.