Specializing in Mostly downhill speedboarding with some freeride sprinkled on top


  • AKA: Billy Badass
  • Age: 26
  • Total years skating:: 9
  • Local sesh spots:: Tennessee Mountains
  • Shout out:: Riot Boardsports and the Ronin team!
  • Quiver:: 2012 Rayne Nemesis, 2013 Rayne Supreme, 2017 Rayne Vandal

Product Reviews:

Love this thing
Posted on 2019-02-09 Verified Purchase
Threw it on my Moonshine MFG Rum Runner for my first trip to Maryhill with some Vicious Griptape and Venom Magnums. Total apex shredder and helped keep me on my board the whole time! Would not recommend on your free ride board :)
Excellent quality
Posted on 2019-02-09 Verified Purchase
This thing coupled with the Venom Torque Block made my first Maryhill experience a walk in the park. You can even mount it more sideways to give an even straighter angle for your foot in tuck!