Banning Lyth

Specializing in Downhill


  • AKA: Banning
  • Years Skating: 1
  • Hometown: Woodinville
  • Top Speed: 37mph
  • Favorite Skater: Dylan Hepworth
  • Boards in Quiver: 3-6Mini; Luca Orion; Pantheon Trip; DH Alchemist; Beggars Torso; Prism Theory; Pantheon Nexus; Rayne Hustler (LDP); Rayne Demonseed
  • Go-To Setup: Prism Theory, Precision Calibers, 72mm Byron, Zealous

Product Reviews:

perpetual motion machine
Posted on 2020-07-02
75a Speed Vents are magic or something. Maybe they have a secret hubset motor? I don't know, but one push and they just keep going. Sidewalk? sure. Asphalt? gotchu. Chunderblasting? yup we can do that. I have these on my Pantheon Trip, and I've slid them once or twice (terrifyingly grippy skin), but pushing and cruising em is where it's at.
Girlfriend approved
Posted on 2020-07-02
My girl isn't too much on skating, but when she goes for a push with me she always reaches for the Trip. 165mm Paris 50s coupled with 75a SpeedVents make for a perfect rail match. I love the tiny bit of flex (I have the red sun) and the compact platform. This is a blast to pump/push around, and just as fun to bomb hills, without even changing bushings or wheels.
Posted on 2020-07-02
I got this as my first board for freeride and downhill, and I want a new one when/if it dies. This board has the PERFECT concave and features. The W keeps my toesides feeling confident, and the microdrop acts as a footstop when bombing hills. This concave is medium-mellow, and doesn't fatigue my feet. HIGHLY recommend for all skill levels, but beginners will find peace learning on this board.
Bacon Strip is Tasty
Posted on 2020-07-02
This not-so-little bacon strip board is quite the party. Long wheelbase for massive drift, and a huge foot platform to get the most leverage in your slides. The wavy concave along the edges allows for several different foot positions, all feeling solid and locked in. This thing is stiff as hell, and low as hell. I have some scrapes on the bottom from even trying to clear a couple inches off a curb.
Love these
Posted on 2020-07-02 Verified Purchase
I ride 4Pres mostly for downhill, but once they break in and you shave off a few mm, they make for a fun freeride wheel too (80a). Break-in is easy; one fast (30+mph) slide on each side and the skin is gone. Before the skin is off though, take advantage of the grip and juicy edge feel.
Great brake sole
Posted on 2020-07-02
Definitely a little more expensive than Rogers, but SO MUCH BETTER. I've had mine on for a month or two now and they barely seem to have worn at all. These combined with Lokton make for a board-feel similar to snowboard bindings. The braking quality is high, and it even leaves a burned tired smell above 20mph
Decent brake sole
Posted on 2020-07-02 Verified Purchase
These last me 2-3 months of almost daily skating. Most of the wear and tear seemed to come from my MOB and Vicious griptape eating away the sole. It's a soft rubber that burns quickly and wears easily, but the braking quality is there. Board feel is barely diminished, and there is a bit more lock between shoe and board than without the brake sole
Low profile
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I love that these are thinner than the .25" pads I got with my last setup. I just want the shock absorption, but not much riser. These definitely suck up some chatter and make for a more comfortable ride than metal-to-wood
Tryna find the sweet spot
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I got some 10° recently for my fave downhill deck, and that made such a difference. So I thought, let's wedge the back 5° more and add some more turn in the front for a 50/30 split on my Rey Lites. I love it. Wedges are king. Definitely go to the hardware store and buy pairs of screws in 5mm intervals from 35-60 (you'll need em)
Best bearings for the money.
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I mostly ride zealous or bones, but zealous are dependable and affordable. Plus you can't go wrong with built in spacers. Wheel swap in a few minutes rather than several
So comfy
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I dropped these into my Trip, and whoa does it make a difference. I can feel less of the road chatter, and the board makes so much less of that vibration noise