Banning Lyth

Specializing in Donwhill


  • AKA: Banning
  • Years Skating: 1
  • Hometown: Woodinville
  • Top Speed: 37mph
  • Favorite Skater: Dylan Hepworth

Product Reviews:

Low profile
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I love that these are thinner than the .25" pads I got with my last setup. I just want the shock absorption, but not much riser. These definitely suck up some chatter and make for a more comfortable ride than metal-to-wood
Tryna find the sweet spot
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I got some 10° recently for my fave downhill deck, and that made such a difference. So I thought, let's wedge the back 5° more and add some more turn in the front for a 50/30 split on my Rey Lites. I love it. Wedges are king. Definitely go to the hardware store and buy pairs of screws in 5mm intervals from 35-60 (you'll need em)
Best bearings for the money.
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I mostly ride zealous or bones, but zealous are dependable and affordable. Plus you can't go wrong with built in spacers. Wheel swap in a few minutes rather than several
So comfy
Posted on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I dropped these into my Trip, and whoa does it make a difference. I can feel less of the road chatter, and the board makes so much less of that vibration noise