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  • AKA: Austin
  • years having fun: 3
  • Area: PNW
  • Favorite DH setup: Drang Dune, PNL Joeys (47/40), Cloudride stormchasers, Zealous, Hardcore/Venom Bushings
  • Favorite FR setup: Subsonic Vega, Aera RF-1 (176mm 50/46), Polyboard Ensos, Zealous Bearings, Hardcore/Venom Bushings
  • Favorite location: Chambers Bay area. It has a little bit of everything
  • Ideal Session: Not skating by myself
  • Quiver: Drang Dune, Omen Barbarian, Subsonic Vega, Homemade aluminum
  • TBH: I wish I could edit my reviews. I've learned a lot and gotten better since some of my earlier ones.

Product Reviews:

These might be your new favorites
Posted on 2019-02-05
Powell's Bryons will very likely be some of the best freeride wheels you've skated. When fresh, they're fast, smooth, and slide extremely easy; a true do it all wheel. I've been able to get them sideways on flat ground just cruising. The most similar wheel that I've ridden is the Remember Optimo in 76a. However, the Byrons have a little less road-feel, and they won't be as "grabby" in the end of your slide. As they wear the Byrons keep their smooth slide, but the kickout is slightly more abrupt, road-feel is increased, and you'll shed more speed. One more great thing about the Byrons is that they'll increase your confidence. Hardly ever will you enter a slide wondering if you'll highside. Rather you'll say "I want to do it faster".
Great all-season wheels
Posted on 2017-12-27
Cloudride did a lot of things right with this wheel! Initially the are pretty "icy", but once you get them past the small bevel they're more of a extremely smooth butter. In the summer you can do, quite literally, any slide you want with this wheel. The iceeez are excellent wheels for learning slide control and very beginner friendly I'd say. They even will leave some lines when going a medium/fast speed, though I am on the heavier side of things (175lbs). I don't overly worry about grip in anything except aggressively tight corners. In the winter, they're still a really fun, (almost) effortless, buttery smooth, and consistent wheel! At a sub $40 price, they're fantastic for most any freerider.
Pretty good wheels
Posted on 2017-09-27
At first, not gonna lie, these weren't good. The roll speed is good, and it holds it's speed well, but I was high siding all the time and I was getting 0 thane. Except the one time it went 90. Halfway through a slide they changed consistency and I slid out to 90 and high sided again. There's almost 2 break in periods it seems (or maybe I'm dumb) so initial consistency is an issue. After almost 45 minutes I finally started getting some Thane going. And yes, these really do feel good in the slide, like powder. Pretty in the pavement, but it doesn't feel like it's resisting all that much. Form is a big deal with the purps when they're new. Get your center of gravity low and these will do close what you want. Heelside standies feel really good, but toesides were harder for me. I was always too high and the wheel just wanted to stick. My advice would be to stick it out, and get some confidence, go faster. Around the 60mm mark they really improve. These feel really good doing standies or squats around corners at a medium speed. They dump Thane and do what you want! I'd recommend for intermediate to advanced riders, not really a beginners wheel.
Pure granulated sugar
Posted on 2017-09-09
82a 175 lbs. These wheels are really fire once used for a bit. At first they seemed sort of chalky. Then for a bit they were almost too slidey (albiet i did change decks). Once in that sweet spot on a good top mount... oh boy just consistent sugar! It has the control of an in the pavement wheel, but still has a bit of glidey-ness in the slide. Really fun for holding out long standies on corners. I feel like these wheels helped my toeside form as well. And they leave reallly nice lines all over the place. Like everyone else says: "Go faster"! My first time really shredding these, I was surprised just how far a little bit of extra confidence will take you on these. I will say though, I'm not a huge fan of the core. It does it's job, but after the wheel gets warm it gets pretty soft for a core. Next time I'd probably just get the standard white thane to try.
Consistent butter
Posted on 2017-06-02
The Amber freerides are a great overall wheel. Decent roll speed, nice shape, good looking, smooth sliding. The biggest feature of these has to be it's consistency. They slide over even the most chundery of pavement. Hit a reflector in the road? No problem. Sliding over two types of pavement? No sweat. Sliding from chunder to smooth? In the bag. Oh, and don't forget the big thane lines.
Don't go slow
Posted on 2017-05-31
If you decide to get these wheels, do yourself a favor: skip your local straight. I don't care how far you have to drive just find yourself a fast and curvy road! The cobra core keeps these wheels hauling butt, and the shape keeps it's grip. Once you're ready to loose that grip, you get an easy release and smooth slide. Again the cobra core helps to keep the wheels consistent and round. I personally think that the HITP have a slightly more chalky feel than the cannibal thane. Probably from all the thane lines you'll be laying that will amaze your friends and make passerby stare in awe and wonder.
Very Good Wheels
Posted on 2017-03-16
These are very nice wheels! Easy initiation; glidey, on the pavement slide. Very controllable, and It only gets easier to slide the faster you go. And yes they thane! Doesn't kill much speed until you want it to, or you hold out your slides long enough. Very fun wheels, I'll probably pick up another set sometime.
Really happy with them
Posted on 2017-03-10
I have the 80a and I'm 175lbs. These wheels are pretty great! When new they'll go fast and have a lot of grip. What surprised me, is that they're still fairly smooth when breaking in. Even leave some Thane lines! Once broken in, they're very controllable, smooth, and confidence inspiring. But they do lose some grip. I'd probably get the 78a next time. Pick up a set to try!
I like them
Posted on 2016-11-12
The cloudride slusheez describe this wheel perfectly. The ease of kickout is similar to a hoot, yet the slide is much more controllable and buttery. A bit icy at first, they quickly melt and get pretty sweet. The wear pattern is nice and leaves faint, but totally noticeable thane lines. Good chance I'll get them again, but since I'm a wheel addict it may take me a bit to get back to them haha.
Amazing wheel
Posted on 2016-09-02
I can't get enough of this thane! Super Buttery, super controllable. Fairly in the pavement slide. Roll speed is decent as well. Just dumps thane. Which, while being cool, is also this wheel's main drawback. From my experience it ovals easy. The biggest thing to consider when buying this wheel is: are you willing to pay $40 for a few sessions of fun. I said yes, and I will again.
Much Better than I anticipated
Posted on 2016-06-21
I got these as a grad gift. Before I tried them I was skeptical. Coming from an offset, grippy, wheel that slides much better at speed, these are a blast. Pretty much effortless kick, smooth slide. Starts out icy, but it's getting more controllable. super fun on hairpins! just drift around the entire corner. Just get them you wont regret it.
I like them
Posted on 2016-06-04
I think they're nice. More nimble than my old trucks, though that might just be because of the bushings. I run them pretty loose and they're fairly stable at speed. Though I still like tightening them a little. I might try new trucks out next, but I still recommend them
I like them
Posted on 2016-06-04
Great wheel! My first wheel upgrade. They last a lot longer than I thought they would. Nice smooth slide, and pretty predicable. Iced out a couple times, but nothing major. Definitely going to buy more Cloudride products.
Posted on 2016-06-02
Simply the best I've used.