Adrien Paynel

Specializing in Downhill, Freeride, Distance


  • AKA: SDFrenchy
  • Years Skating : 2
  • Home town : San Diego , CA
  • Setup: Landyachtz TopSpeed, Caliber II 50, RAD advantages, Zelous berings, Viscous grip
  • Influences : Jimmy Riha, Benjamin Solano, Jerett Ayoub, Sergio Yuppie

Product Reviews:

Amazing Board
Posted on 2019-10-28
Set this baby up with some ronins without the wedge and it RIPPED took it down a melloish road and it was so much fun. Not the best for purley downhill but if you want a beautiful board for light downhill, crusin, or slalom then I think you found your match. Very simple concave perfect for experimenting with some inserts under the grip.
Perfect for Everything
Posted on 2019-10-28
I've been riding this board for a while now and it is the most comfortable concave I've ever stood on. The W is perfectly aggressive and the wheel wells lock you in the front and back. Great for beginners to experienced racers, and freeriding, downhilling, and even cruising. Best bang for the buck
Wheels for GRIP
Posted on 2019-10-28
Took these monsters down one of the chunkiest pavement I know, and let me tell you these HELD ON. I've never felt a wheel grip that much on that road. Other then pure grip these wheels slid well and went over every crack and hole they confronted. DEFINITELY recommend if you’re looking for a good wheel to go fast, grip hard, slow down quickly, win some races, and just rip the hell out of .