Aditya Connelley

Specializing in Downhill, Freeride, Freestyle/Tech Slides, Street,


  • AKA: ADI
  • Years Skating: 3
  • Favorite Hill: Lakeview Circle
  • Catch Phrase: Giddygiddy
  • Current Deck: Wolfshark
  • Team: Pineapple Bandits

Product Reviews:

By far better than normal hardware!
Posted on 2020-05-25 Verified Purchase
Imagine if your hardware didn't strip... Well that's what these are like. The only inconvenience is that you're kinda screwed if none of the bromies have a tool with a hex on it but I've never ran into the issue before.
A Must-Have
Posted on 2020-05-25 Verified Purchase
You don't realize how much you need these until after you use them; seriously if you plan to go any speed above 15mph or if you have inconsistent stand-up slides, you should really get some spacers because they really help with both of those.
A Skate Tool
Posted on 2020-05-25 Verified Purchase
I got red Cool color I like it. Functions as A skate tool.