75mm MUIRSKATE PHAT BOYZ Team Series Podiums Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Durometer: 75a
  • Width: 68mm
  • Contact Patch: 68mm
  • Lip Profile: Square
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
$62.00 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

Introducing the new Phat Boyz 75mm Team Series Podiums longboard wheels!! Bigger and softer!!

The Muirskate Phat Boyz Team Series Podium wheel is a 75mm tall X 68mm wide square-lipped downhill wheel that is ideal for acceleration and predictable drifting. The large inner race-core of the Podium provides the support and strength throughout the surface of the wheel, especially at the lip where grip initiates. The large race-core also maintains the shape of the wheel. Podiums are fast, predictable, and don't chunk under pressure.

"Winning isn't everything," so they say. While others say, "If you are not first, you are last."

MuirSkate Team Series's Description

Here's what we know about the New Podiums "Phat Boyz" after several test-runs. The wider 68mm contact patch grips remarkably. We are taking new and faster lines on very familiar runs. That fresh-set initial drift locks you in line with the apex of the turn and sends you incredibly fast on the course that you are skating. The second run feels just as good as the first and that says a lot about a downhill wheel.


They roll
on 2022-03-19 Verified Purchase
Smooth in slides both fresh and worn, grippy out of the box but can break lose when you want them to. Good roll speed and honestly one of my favorite DH wheels at the moment, even after trying many of the otang, powell, cuei, and seismic wheels.
Muir delivers a winner
on 2021-03-22 Verified Purchase
These are great! I’ve only been out on a few short runs, looking forward to breaking these in- even out of the box, predictable and grippy... I would not recommend these to someone learning to slide... if you want to go fast and stay planted... say no more!
on 2021-02-18 Verified Purchase
Man not much to say other then Muirskate be on point!
on 2020-12-09 Verified Purchase
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on 2020-10-12
These wheels slide so buttery, even with full skin. I'm 175 lbs and my initial slides where extremely predictable and smooth. There was no chatter nor obnoxious noise. As the skin wears away, they continue to have that satisfying, creamy slide. Also, these are fast as hell over chunder, and sliding through it is no problem. If you got issues with super-reboundy race wheels bouncing on your local chunder runs, these will quell your worries. I was skeptical of all the other super positive reviews because I thought they were biased individuals, but these wheels deserve the praise.
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grossly good wheels
on 2020-07-20 Verified Purchase
I use these currently! They have a very good top speed and have some weight on them, and they are very grippy and will not betray you when you need them the most! They stickkkkkkkkk to the lines even at high speeds, and yet after a few warm-up runs on these wheels, they can slide pretty well for their size. Extremely predictable predrifts when you want them too, under-steer them, over-steer them, it seems you are in complete control!
on 2020-07-04 Verified Purchase
I could not be happier with these wheels. They paired fantastic with my 165mm arsenal trucks and moonshine hooch. Im a novice but I found myself taking on more than I ever have before. They stick like a race tire but still kick out and slide when you need them to.
Absolute tank wheels
on 2020-07-02 Verified Purchase
can ride through absolutely anything sooo fast
on 2020-03-20 Verified Purchase
Using for a cruiser setup - these a super smooth and hit that sweet spot for softness.
on 2019-12-27
Been using these wheels for a few weeks now and absolutely love the feel and speed on these wheels! The wide mm and height is so great for speed and momentum! Been only up to 39mph with these wheels, but they felt so solid and dialed in! Great grip and rip feeling, but when you need to cut speed or shut down, these wheels will deliver and you wont go flying off to the side of the road! For reference, I am using these wheels on my 2017 Moonshine Outlaw and Ronin Katanas with a 30 degree back base plate.
Definitely worth every penny
on 2019-11-25
The new Podium PHAT BOYZ slay chunder and any sketchy surface allowing me to skate with more confidence. I was a huge fan of the original podium but these Phat Boyz changed the game for me. Still the same podium with its signature slide and hookup but faster roll speed and the perfect amount of grip. All that with a low price all of us can appreciate
on 2019-11-24
10/10 These wheels make bad pavement feel smooth, slide through anything in their way, grip super hard, and are as durable as it gets. Couldn't ask for anything more
Hallelujah. I finally got the skin off.
on 2019-11-16
My first impressions of the new Podium Phat Boyz was how long it took to totally scrub them. I kept rotating them after every few hard sliding runs, and there was this contact patch of skin in the center of the wheels that got skinnier but took forever to finally disappear. meaning these things are grippy and they stay that way for those of us who can't afford a fresh set of wheels for every few runs. The second thing I noticed was how well they slide even when fresh. I was part of the Muirskate video when these first came out, and we had to throw on a fresh set of the new Podiums Phat Boyz and kick hard down the run only to shut down after a fast right before a certain cattle guard before continuing. I was a little sketched out because 1) I'm not that good, and 2) These were new untried wheels, and 3) I was worried I'd blow the shutdown (in front of everyone!) and slide on my face to an inglorious end. Instead, the break, slide and hook up was amazingly smooth and predictable. The last thing I've noticed is how great the wheels are after the skin is gone. I LOVED the old Podiums, especially because after they were totally scrubbed they still gripped, but they became a fun and easy wheel, especially to practice technique at (somewhat) slower speeds. I was able to run the old Podiums past the lip (getting close to the core\ with NO CHUNKING I might add). I was worried that with the new size and new durometer they would lose that quality. I'm happy to say they didn't. They are grippier than the old version, but once they're scrubbed, they still have the same feel and they would make a great fast freeride wheel, or in my case a great practice wheel. Thanks Scott and Muirskate for being both great skaters and great innovators! These wheels are def my new favs.
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Everything a DH wheel should be
on 2019-11-04
"We want GIRTH!” The downhill community demanded, “We want GRIP, we want SPEED!" "We want a wheel that can carry enough speed to kill us instantly!" Don't worry, downhill community, the Phat Boyz are here to fulfill your dark desires. Poured in sticky, creamy, MuirSkate-exclusive Phat Deanz thane, the sheer grip and inertia in these things is unreal. The urethane is soft, bouncy, and supremely sticky-icky. Once broken in a bit, they provide smooth feedback backed up with a whole lot of braking force. When sliding, some wheels scrub into the pavement. Some wheels slither over it. Some wheels glide on top of it. Once at a reasonable speed (~30mph), these wheels PEEL just barely into the pavement in a creamy, satisfying smear. Even when fresh, the transition between grip and slip is predictable and forgiving for a wheel with so much stopping power. It's not mellow, by any means. Hookup is still super snappy and precise, but the wheels go where you put them and don't fight you when you take them sideways. Phat Boyz are the real deal. They feel like a true successor to the OG Podiums and perform like a modern downhill wheel should through and through. I trust them with my life. Buy some now. Go fast. Feel good.
These bois rip
on 2019-10-28
Insane amount of grip! Got some hot laps in on rough road conditions and to say the least they were made to grip. Good roll speed and clean through slides. The wheels loses its skin somewhat quick, otherwise to stoked on the wheel and am excited to carry out some more testing.
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Wheels for GRIP
on 2019-10-28
Took these monsters down one of the chunkiest pavement I know, and let me tell you these HELD ON. I've never felt a wheel grip that much on that road. Other then pure grip these wheels slid well and went over every crack and hole they confronted. DEFINITELY recommend if you’re looking for a good wheel to go fast, grip hard, slow down quickly, win some races, and just rip the hell out of .
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Grippy with the right amount of slippy
on 2019-10-28
These wheels have a solid roll speed and are plenty soft to smooth out rough pavement. They are a little heavy off the line for me (i'm 135lbs) but once they get rolling they carry their speed really well. The slide is smooth once you figure out how these wheels want to slide. My first slide, I did not put enough weight down on the wheels the slide was a bit chattery. After one or two attempts, the slide became very consistent, a little more forgiving than a rad but a better hookup than an otang. Even after wearing through the skin, the wheels maintained their grippiness. This wheel is perfect for any big wheel cruiser deck or commuter style deck that can accommodate wide wheels. The soft durometer allows a smooth roll while the weight and size allows the wheel to carry its momentum well. This wheel is also perfect for downhill situations. A fresh set is very grippy and can handle technical roads that require slides. Once broken in however, It would not be my first choice for freeriding and stand up slides as it seems to maintain much of its stopping power (not to say it can't be done). Overall a solid downhill and cruising wheel for a very affordable price (as compared to similar wheels on the market).
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on 2019-10-28
This wheel is next level! Extremely fast, insane amounts of grip when fresh and slides smooth when broken in. Threw the smallest slides ever at the local technical run the other day and gripped lines I used to slide. This is THE dh/race wheel you’ve been searching for!!
Grippy and fast!
on 2019-10-27
I took the Phat Boyz down 3 different roads today, both smooth pavement and chunder! I had a blast! These wheels are fast, grip a lot, and slide really well. If you like super grippy wheels, I definitely recommend these because they allow for you to stick lines even around tighter turns without having to shed as much speed off so you can exit fast.
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These are nice!
on 2019-10-24 Verified Purchase
They're a grippy set of wheels . They're some of the more smoother, faster rolling large(r) cores wheels I've ridden.