65mm Sector 9 Butter Sauce Cosmic Core Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Contact Patch: 38mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
$37.95 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

The new 65mm Sector 9 Butter Sauce longboard skateboard wheels are made with a unique urethane formula to make your slides much easier.

They are stoneground and ready to slide out of the box and have a centerset core.

They are ideal for busting mega-sized standup slides, hands down slides, sit down slides, or whatever other slides you are doing these days.

Grab a set and have fun!

Sector 9's Description

If you’re on this page, reading this text, we sure hope you like to slide! No? That’s OK too, as these wheels will help you ease into it, should you feel inclined……..and if you never get to that point, they’ll still provide you with an amazing ride. All of our wheels in this category have their own specific features, but all possess a unique urethane formula and leave thane behind, when slid. They’re all stone-ground for easier slides, right out of the package!

65MM Diameter
78A Durometer
38MM Contact Patch

Rounded lips for smoother slides, even over road imperfections
Stone-ground for easier slides, right out of the package
Leaves thane when slid
Unique urethane formula
Center-set core
Cosmic core gives better wear, control, and roll speed
Formulated for improved wear and chalky slides


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