66mm Powell Peralta Snakes Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 66mm
  • Durometer: 75a
  • Width: 47mm
  • Contact Patch: 38mm
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
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$61.95 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

The Powell Peralta Snakes have a new look!!!

Slither over any type of surface with the new 66mm Powell Peralta Snakes.

Comprised of their new SSF (Soft Slide Formula) Urethane, the Snakes make even the worst of pavement a joy to slide on. Their soft 75a durometer and stoneground finish paired with a large centerset core allow these wheels to roll faster, slide smoother, and last longer than anything else on the market!

Snake a set before they're gone!

Powell Peralta's Description

Our new Soft Slide Formula (SSF) will be formulated in multiple hardnesses, is faster rolling, and will outlast anything currently on the market by many times. Super fast, incredibly durable, and they slide. SSF is a new paradigm, opening up even more of our concrete and asphalt cityscapes, roads, and hills to skating.


on 2022-01-02 Verified Purchase
Lately, no wheel has stood out for me, but these definitely did! Even though, didn’t buy for their sliding capacity, but I found the reviews intriguing and they were on point. Great for rough surface and still fast. I highly recommend for rough surfaces and cruising. Hey, they are great for NYC, which is a tough town to ride.
on 2021-03-29 Verified Purchase
They are freaking bomb-tastic
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Amazing wheels
on 2021-03-19 Verified Purchase
These wheels are amazing. They slide very well and easy. They almost feel like butter. I have no complaints about the wheels. These wheels truly live up to there name.
Great Wheels, Great Company
on 2020-11-04 Verified Purchase
We all know Powell Peralta makes great stuff, and these wheels are awesome! These wheels are fast and great for cruising in less than ideal roads. That’s what I got them for and I’m not disappointed at all. What I’m also impressed with is Muirskate! Great company, fantastic service! Soon as my order got to them they shipped my new wheels out fast and two days later BOOM! I was skating. Definitely will be doing business with these guys again.
on 2020-10-09
These wheels are pretty fun with standups, really easy to kick out and get some steezy squatters. They are not at all grippy so if your trying to do a grip run or use these for cruising there is much better wheels. Also, when doing glove down slides They're pretty icy and the hookup doesn't feel the best.
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The best wheels on the market
on 2020-09-08
If you use these wheels be prepared to never switch wheels
Crazy good
on 2019-12-16 Verified Purchase
Slapped them on my rayne darkside with my caliber precision trucks. Did a slow 15 mph 180 to feel off the bat how they slide. It was good ! Than going faster around 23-30 mph they still slide for a while and kill your speed standing up. Hands down glove slides last FOREVER .
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still amazing
on 2018-10-11
oh nelly these sure do have some grip right out of the box. but once you get passed that skin you got the same satisfying slides as the other snakes, nice and slidey, real consistent. theres a reason why so many people buy these. the have also been thaneing a lot more than my other snakes, idk why, still feel the same