70mm Powder Wheel Co Purps Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 46mm
  • Contact Patch: 37mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
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Powder Wheel Co's Description

Poured in our Mist Formula, the Powder Wheel Co Purps will dump thane and provide you with a soft and powdery slide. The Purps are 70mm tall and 45mm wide with a 38mm contact patch and beveled lips. They feature a large offset core allowing you to ease in and out of slides effortlessly while maintaining total control. The large core also provides the wheel with superior roll speed as well as even wear patterns. These wheels are great for mobbing corners and straights, they also handle well on most types of pavement.

Durometer: 78a Contact Patch: 38mm
Diameter: 70mm Core Placement: Offset
Width: 45mm Lips: Beveled/Round


Love these wheels
on 2017-10-13
These wheels dump thane, i have risen prototypes of the wheels and the new released wheels, they have a good roll speed, they both lasted me a day or two of skating in the texas heat. If you want to go grip around a corner i wouldn't recommend these, but they aren't prone to high siding like austin said. Just a matter of breaking them in. I would buy these wheels for a slide jam but I wouldn't just buy them for regular riding, just rather buy a wheel that would last longer.
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Pretty good wheels
on 2017-09-27
At first, not gonna lie, these weren't good. The roll speed is good, and it holds it's speed well, but I was high siding all the time and I was getting 0 thane. Except the one time it went 90. Halfway through a slide they changed consistency and I slid out to 90 and high sided again. There's almost 2 break in periods it seems (or maybe I'm dumb) so initial consistency is an issue. After almost 45 minutes I finally started getting some Thane going. And yes, these really do feel good in the slide, like powder. Pretty in the pavement, but it doesn't feel like it's resisting all that much. Form is a big deal with the purps when they're new. Get your center of gravity low and these will do close what you want. Heelside standies feel really good, but toesides were harder for me. I was always too high and the wheel just wanted to stick. My advice would be to stick it out, and get some confidence, go faster. Around the 60mm mark they really improve. These feel really good doing standies or squats around corners at a medium speed. They dump Thane and do what you want! I'd recommend for intermediate to advanced riders, not really a beginners wheel.