73mm MuirSkate Team Series Podiums Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 73mm
  • Width: 64mm
  • Contact Patch: 64mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Lip Profile: Square
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
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The Muirskate Team Series Podium wheel is a 73mm tall X 64mm wide square-lipped downhill wheel that is ideal for acceleration and predictable drifting. The large inner race-core of the Podium provides the support and strength throughout the surface of the wheel, especially at the lip where grip initiates. The large race-core also maintains the shape of the wheel. Podiums are fast, predictable, and don't chunk under pressure.

What should I expect from my first experience on Team Series Podiums?

We've tested hundreds of sets of Podiums down the best and worst of hills. Riding down a hill on a smooth surface is the ideal situation for any race wheel. Podiums initiate not a powerful grip, but rather a grip that is predictable enough to brake in the corner while not losing your speed in the exit. There is no screeching to a halt reaction under the board. The first two or three pre-drifts are what you would expect in a race situation. You find a significant amount of mold-release even after several drifts.
Roll-speed is important in any race wheel. Even on the most dilapidated surfaces, Podiums accelerate and rebound quickly over rough pavement allowing them to hold speed equal to top race wheels in their class.

"Winning isn't everything", so they say. While others say "If you are not first, you are last".


conquers DH
on 2018-07-16 Verified Purchase
super fun and grippy wheels. Corner great, large size is awesome for attacking straightaways, yet maintains consistency during slides. Square lip occasionally causes chop while sliding, but nothing too major. If you're looking for a big, soft, smooth- sliding wheel, this is the one for you. Bonus: you can rep Muir Skate! Graphs are bolt but not too over- the top; nice and clean. My only issue with the color is that white shows dirt and stains more than other colors; that's purely cosmetic though. I like being able to see my thane lines better anyways!
on 2017-12-28
fast with very good grip good for fast downhill and fast free ride get you some you will not regret it
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Great for everything
on 2017-12-22
These wheels can hold some awesome lines when fresh and once you get through the skin, you will still be able to grip through corners with ease. After a handful of runs, they turn into a super buttery and controllable fast freeride wheel. Whether its raging turns at high speeds or nailing stand up lines, these are the wheels for you
There isn't anything bad to say about them!
on 2017-12-15
These wheels can be used for almost any displine of skateboarding! Favorite part about these wheels is that when fresh, they can grip those questionable long/sharp turns without having to cross the double yellow (when taking the right line). The wheels will still have a smooth slide when first breaking them in, they just need a bit more push then usual. The skin will last for many sessions, even on gritty pavement! I have yet to core my set of Podiums, thanks Muir!
wheels for pro riders!!!!
on 2017-12-11
They are definitely the most reliable wheels for DH, they have the best balance between grip, acceleration and speed. the most interesting thing is that it is how they react to the rain with lines or not. Of course I would buy it again ... Thanks! César
Podiums or bust
on 2017-12-08
Great wheels for start to end very grippy predictable and reliable , awesome roll speed from the Muirskate team series Core but shape of the wheel creates a versatility and ability to be able to grip and slip when you need to !
Dope Fast Freeride Wheels When Broken In
on 2017-12-02
I haven't tried these fresh, I assume they grip just fine. What was surprising though is how drifty these are when fully broken in. They're actually legit slidey and thaney for how wide they are. The slide has less resistance than some freeride wheels I use; a bit slidier than an 82a RAD Release, but the wide shape and sharp lips keep the break out point super predictable and make it ideal for faster freeride. Wouldn't trust it to grip round fast corners though once broken in.
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What A Gem
on 2017-06-15
When it comes to downhill wheels, there are a lot of opinions out there. I am a guy who likes a wheel that feels in the pavement, thanes nicely, and has a roll speed that could shame the jets from Top Gun. These wheels deliver. I rode them beside Abec 11 Central Classic 78a and loved them even more. Only critique is that the bearing seat practically required lube to get the bearings in, which from the optimistic skater point of view means that the wheels are crazy quiet on the road.
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on 2017-01-25
These wheels are massive, squishy, and grippy. They are a great alternative to Sector9 Steamrollers, and are a better color match to black, red, or white skate parts.
Great for cruising
on 2016-12-04 Verified Purchase
I only cruise, no freestyle or DH, but fantastic wheels, in my opinion. The 64mm contact patch is really nice, and the nice soft 78a thane feels great when pulling turns or going over cracks in the sidewalk. It feels great to rep and support MuirSkate.