69mm Powell Peralta Snakes Stoneground Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 69mm
  • Width: 48mm
  • Contact Patch: 38mm
  • Durometer: 75a
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
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$64.95 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

Slither over any type of surface with the new 69mm Powell Peralta Snakes.

Comprised of their new SSF (Soft Slide Formula) Urethane, the Snakes make even the worst of pavement a joy to slide on. Their soft 75a durometer and stoneground finish paired with a large centerset core allows these wheels to roll faster, slide smoother, and last longer than anything else on the market!

Snake a set before they're gone!

Powell Peralta's Description

Our new Soft Slide Formula (SSF) will be formulated in multiple hardnesses, is faster rolling, and will outlast anything currently on the market by many times. Super fast, incredibly durable, and they slide. SSF is a new paradigm, opening up even more of our concrete and asphalt cityscapes, roads, and hills to skating.


Hissed like snakes
on 2022-07-17 Verified Purchase
The slides were nice and easy. Delivery was early and the packaging was awesome
Working for me
on 2021-12-25 Verified Purchase
I can't speak for how they compare to other slide wheels but these are super soft (great for my city riding), they do slide (I can barely slide, that's my lack of skill not the wheels), and looks-wise I love the tech/simple look of the graphic (these wheels pair up with any board you have.
Great wheels, great service
on 2021-09-27 Verified Purchase
Muir Skate is pretty awesome. They ship same day always, and even though I live in PA, my stuff gets here in a few days. As far as the wheels, they are Powell snakes, check out a YouTube review and you will buy them....
the hype is real
on 2021-09-01 Verified Purchase
I guess people on reddit weren't lying, These are Hella slippery in a very very good way. really the best wheels to practice on.
The Shizzzzz
on 2021-04-15 Verified Purchase
I’ll just say read all the reviews. You really can’t say anything that hasn’t already. I was skeptical cuz I always skated a diff brand but everything they say is true. How they managed to make a wheel that rides so nice On different terrains yet still slides so predictably is beyond me. But that’s why they get paid the big bucks! Get em! Try em you won’t regret it. I immediately found another set to purchase while they’re available so I know I always have some fresh snakes in wait!
Great wheels
on 2021-02-12
What can I say, what others haven’t. Easy kick outs right out of the gate
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Be prepared to never switch your wheels
on 2020-09-08
These wheels will take your breath away. The snakes really know how to treat you right at the low speed tech slides to high speed 20+ foot standies. The snakes have a tendency to hiss but that’s just like a cats purr, they are comfortable with you. You won’t ever want to switch your wheels back after this grab. They really are the ultimate sliding wheels. Only cons to these wheels are the tendency to chuck ( doesn’t harm the slide though ) and that lack of thane ( also not harmful to slide. )
Snakes Review
on 2020-04-21 Verified Purchase
Last super long, slide very consistently. Roll very fast and still slide very well despite having a lower durometer.
perfect for sliding
on 2020-04-20 Verified Purchase
made my slides so much more consistent and less scary! 100% recommend for someone learning to slide but also need good grip for those downhill speeds and corners!
on 2019-06-24 Verified Purchase
Beautiful color and real smooth ride. Muir did a great job with the packaging and it came super quick! I ordered Friday and got them Monday! Ps. Shred the Gnar 🤟
on 2018-09-24 Verified Purchase
Great longboard wheel
on 2018-09-02 Verified Purchase
I love these wheels, learned to do standup 180s on them, as well as push up and Coleman 180s. However, I have rough pavement in my neighborhood and like to hit driveways, drop curbs, etc., and the edges chunked to the core way before they were worn down. So I'm looking for something more durable. Maybe the chipping is the downside of the soft durometer.
on 2018-08-06 Verified Purchase
I never had a pair of snakes but awesome well there good for any kind of pavement and they are icy and really good
Costumer service
on 2018-07-22
I have not even orderd them yet bot the costumer service is amazing
Favorite Slide Wheels
on 2018-03-13 Verified Purchase
I've had them for a while and I have not flat spotted them at all, extremely smooth long slides.
Normal sokka
Super smooth slides
on 2018-01-23
I got these wheels of my first complete, and they slide super fast. I did ice out the first time. I've iced out a few times, and I surprisingly still haven't flatspotted them. These wheels are great for learning slides, so I recommend the for beginners.
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on 2017-11-10 Verified Purchase
I love these wheels, they fit my riding style perfectly! I mostly do a lot of 180’s front and back side, with the occasional predrifts and hands down shutdown slides. They do “chip” on the edges a bit, when doing higher speed slides. Nothing major that would be a reason to stop skating them. They do last a long time for an awesome soft slidy wheel. I have had a few high speed slides that I thought I’d caused flat spots but every time they’ve proved me wrong and are as round as day one! I will be honest, they really caught me off guard, my first day on them, with how well they slide and I iced out on them once. I have not done it since then though. They are very squishy and give a very smooth ride.
Great wheel!
on 2017-10-05 Verified Purchase
Although they don't dump thane, they're perfect for me so I don't flatspot my wheels. Before these I was riding on some Butterballs to learn my coleman slide and ended up flatspotting them really badly. I needed something durable but with a smooth slide and these got me to do my first pendy. Highly recommend!