76mm Venom Mach 1 Cannibal Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 76mm
  • Width: 61.4mm
  • Contact Patch: 61.4mm
  • Durometer: 76a
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
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$93.50 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

It's time to reach the speeds you've only dreamed of with the brand new Venom Mach 1 Cannibal Wheels.

These 76mm wheels are made specifically for high speeds with maximum grip. The large Cobra Core technology increases roll speed and supports the shape of urethane when cornering. At 76a and 74a with a sharp lip, these wheels will send you screaming through corners hanging on for dear life while your buddies are scrubbing out behind you.

Don't believe us yet on how fast these are? Zac Maytum used prototypes to take the gold at Maryhill Festival of Speed in 2015 & Erik Lundberg recently broke the landspeed record for downhill skateboards at 130.63kph on the Mach 1's.

Get yours today and experience the Cobra Core.

Venom's Description

Prototyped for over a year, the new Venom Mach 1 Cannibal features an all new Super High Rebound compound for superior roll speed and grip through corners. Paired with the tried and true Cobra Core and 76mm shape, the Mach 1 Cannibal is ready for the tightest racing or the biggest mountain passes. The Mach 1 compound has already proven itself by taking home the gold under Zak Maytum at the Maryhill Festival of Speed 2015.


Diameter: 76mm
Width/Contact: 62mm
Durometer: 76a and 74a
Core Placement: Offset - Cobra

Cobra Core Features:

-Fiberglass Reinforced
-12x Stiffer
-39mm Tall 43mm Wide
-No Flex Zone (Patent Pending)
-Many Swags


Mach 1 Cannibal
on 2017-07-21
The first time I rode these wheels down a hill, I was able to notice the difference in speed compared to any of my other wheels. These wheels are lightning fast. For a few days the slides were very loud and choppy due to the skin of the wheel, however after breaking through the skin, these wheels became even better. I ride these wheels inverted but even then they are insanely grippy around corners to the point I usually slide anyway because I didn't think they would hold. They are very quick to accelerate, hold speed very well, are very grippy holding corners, and smooth and controlled in a slide. 10/10 Downhill Race wheel
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Excellent performance.
on 2017-02-07
Grippy. Fast. Lively. Durable. What more could you want? These wheels have a high rebound low durometer formula so they roll quick and deliver excellent acceleration while providing good dampening or chunder control. The skin lasts longer than traditional cobra cores. With 76/78a I broke the skin in only 2 40mph slides. The Mach 1s have held up a bit longer. The slide is definitely smooth and slick but still with a lot of control and braking power. If you want a wheel to stop on a dime go 76/76a cobras , if you want a fast, longer lasting wheel where you don't need to slow down as fast go Mach 1.
Normal jewett 006
Mach 1's
on 2016-08-22 Verified Purchase
These wheels are extremely fast but chip like crazy. On my first three hour sessions the outside rim of the wheels were chipping all the way around.