70mm Moonshine Slip Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 49mm
  • Contact Patch: 35mm
  • Durometer: 82a
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
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Moonshine MFG have created a radical new freeride wheel called the Slip, and that's exactly what they do. The large centerset core helps prevent coning even when throwing huge stand-ups. The 35mm stoneground contact patch allows for just a little more grip while you shred. These wheels are designed for high speed riding or shredding over rough pavement that would normally eat up narrow freeride wheels. If you're more into spinning down hills and slashing every driveway on the way down, you should check out the 60mm Moonshine Slip wheels.

Moonshine MFG's Description

After rigorous thane testing we have found that pouring the white lighting XXX formula produces the most rowdy results for our SLIP wheel. The pre-ground, center-set White Lightning 70mm SLIP is our Freeride specialist, delivering the capacity for high-speed sliding right out of the box and just enough grip to hold on downhill. Get loose!


on 2017-05-15 Verified Purchase
The best freestyle wheel for my set up. It rolls extremely fast, it grips when you want it and it slips when you ask it to do so. Lightning harnessed in a wheel, get it, you won't be desapointed.