67mm Tracer Hawgs Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 67mm
  • Width: 40mm
  • Contact Patch: 30mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
  • Color: Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple
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The 67mm Tracer Hawgs are a centerset freeride wheel that literally dumps urethane! They have a 30mm contact patch and are 78a. Even though they're 78a, these wheels still slide extremely easily and predictably. They're even easy to fix if you get a flat spot or oval due to the buttery urethane.

If you're looking for that perfect slide jam wheel, or just want proof that you can in fact do a 100ft toeside standup slide, then the Tracer Hawgs are the wheels for you!

Hawgs's Description

Trace every corner with thick thane lines on this center set Freeride wheel. Tracer Hawgs are a 67mm, 78a wheel which features freeride specific urethane for long predictable slides. Tracers are available in 5 color options.


Dump thane
on 2019-03-30 Verified Purchase
Super Slidy and controllable thane a ton
hawgs tracers
on 2017-11-03
I slid these on my friends board. These are very good wheels for proving who can thane the most. They wear down pretty quickly, but they are still a great time. These tend to grip up quite often near the end of your slide. These aren't usually for sliding super long distances but they have there moments. Go around 40 and that can bring long thany slides! Overall 9/10 Wheel. *Also beware of flat spotting*
Best wheels ever
on 2017-09-16 Verified Purchase
They slide like butter and dump thane everywhere. The only downside is that they only last a few sessions.
Normal image
on 2017-07-05
These wheels thane so much! They have a very predictable slide right out of the box, but don't last very long.
Normal img 0642
on 2017-05-10
They are very nice, very predictable wheels. Slides right out of package.( they do thane A LOT) I had them for a few great sessions. Will buy again.
Normal img 20160905 132942
on 2017-02-16
if you like painting roads these wheels are for you, they dump thane like no other wheel, little pricey for the life span but worth it!!! super chalky
Best Slide Wheels
on 2016-12-21 Verified Purchase
I recently switched to these wheels from 65mm Liam Morgan Blood Oranges and I have loved them so far. They kick out way easier than the Liam Morgans ever did and they also leave very very nice thane lines. I purchased the purple version so I was slightly afraid that it would not thane as well but I am happy to say they paint the road with white. Great Wheel!
on 2016-12-04 Verified Purchase
They die slower than Cry Babys (80a). I weigh about 180 and have put a small session in yesterday and two hours of riding in today. They are only down to the name, so a few mm. I would call it fresh chunder, it was black but not smooth. The wheels gripped and slid weird, but on all other types of pavement i have ridden they are great. I have a nice steep hairpin 180 and today riding these wheels was the first time i could get all the way through it consistently. The slide is very nice and easy to hold out. After about 3 hours of riding I can say that they are very nice. Its like a buttery abec 11 freeride. Some sugar, but a mushy release and hook up. I got two sets last time and will be getting another 3 for the rest of the winter months. Buy them, so worth it. Of course... They POOP thane
Normal img 0114
Sick wheels
on 2016-11-16
I mean it when i say i will probably never buy another freeride wheel other than these. However, i would not recommend them to beginners considering the fact that they flatspot extremely easy. I had a flatspot after one of my slides and i got it rounded back out with 10 minutes. Absolutely incredible wheel
Normal hujhk
on 2016-01-21 Verified Purchase
So much thannneee!
on 2015-11-11
Awesome for super fast long slides, thickest thane lines ever and they completely cover your board and trucks with colored thane dust. They lasted about two sessions for me and I'm only 140 pounds, but it was so worth it, MOST FUN WHEELS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!