70mm Free Thoughts Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 43mm
  • Contact Patch: 24mm
  • Durometer: 79a
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Core Placement: Sideset
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
  • Color: Grey
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Looking for something fun and resilient but won't break the bank? The Free Thoughts are just what your looking for!

Coming in at 70mm tall, 43mm wide, and a 24mm contact patch, Free Thoughts are poured in the 79a Platinum urethane for extremely controlled slides. They're slow wearing because don't really leave thane lines (very minimal lines), instead of digging into the pavement, these puppies just skid on top, giving you the ability to do some of the most fun standup slides possible...

Grab a set of Free Thoughts and free you mind.

Free's Description

NEW from Free Wheel Co. are the Thoughts. Free Thoughts are wheels that are poured in our new 79a PLATINUM Formula. The Platinum Formula is known for long slides, minimal resistance, and slow wear. This wheel doesn’t dump thane like some of the others, but it lasts longer than any wheel we have developed to date. Combined with the fully side-set bearing seat and the elliptical lips, this is a forgiving shape even the roughest of pavements. Besides coming stone-ground, this wheel is perfect for younger and beginner riders to be using because of the easy slide characteristics, and flat-spot resistant tendencies allow you to learn to slide easily!

Style: Freeride
Diameter: 70mm
Contact Patch: 43mm
Durometer: 79a
Bearing placement: Side-set
Surface: Stone Ground


Know what you're getting into
on 2017-08-16 Verified Purchase
I tried plenty of wheels, they all claim to be better and different but these things really are apart from the rest. Touching it feels like hard jelly rather than urethane. They don't have a defined "border" of grip, you just go downhill and turning and the wheels start to skid out slowly on their own. They're good to learn slides on because they allow for low speed slide practice (saves your skin). The top speed is pretty slow for a 70mm wheel but trust me you don't want to go too fast on these wheels. They can beused as a tech slide wheel without the chattering noise.
on 2017-04-03
These things go the same speed sideways as the do forwards! Great for making smaller hills fun again since they kick out with zero effort and will slide super smooth all the way to a halt. Almost impossible to highs idea or flatspot. And dirt cheap! Buying more now!
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sick wheels
on 2016-09-10
I got these wheels wheels for my Birthday and they are so icy that i learned how to stand up slide in two days i highly recommend them
on 2016-04-24 Verified Purchase
Awsome slide wheels, super smooth and quiet and easy to push out. A little icy but that just makes them more fun. I would recommend these for sure.
Hell yeah
on 2016-01-10 Verified Purchase
These wheels float, but predictably and smoothly... Plus they last forever!
on 2015-11-11
Good for epicly long slides and cold weather. I like them most for winter because they where a pretty icy in warmer weather. I would highly recommend them for beginners.
on 2015-06-01 Verified Purchase
I bought these wheels, and let me tell you. I thought they were gonna be like my blood oranges, but they are so much better. Right out of the box I had long smooth slides. Such a cheap price for such a FREAKIN AMAZING WHEEL. My favorite wheel yet, and I have skated Blood oranges and skiddles so far. I can already tell my slides I have been working on are gonna get better.