73mm Blood Orange Alpine Series Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 73mm
  • Width: 58mm
  • Contact Patch: 58mm
  • Durometer: 78a, 80a, 82a
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Square
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
  • Color: White
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The new Alpine Series wheels from Blood Orange are pretty freakin' sweet! At 73mm tall, 58mm wide, and a 5mm offset core, this wheel is fast and extremely controllable. It is poured in Blood Orange's new Mountain Pass Formula (MPF), which has incredible rebound to help you hook up from slides, while still exploding with speed out of corners.

Blood Orange's Description

We're extremely excited to announce the release of the new Blood Orange Alpine Series Wheel!

The Alpine Series is designed for high-speed lines and predictable drifts without sacrificing traction. With expert input from our team riders, we developed our exclusive Mountain Pass Formula (MPF) to provide the ultimate downhill wheel for the days you just feel like going fast. We modified our proven core design to increase support throughout the wheel, which promotes high roll speeds, even wear, and a consistent feel!


on 2021-08-29 Verified Purchase
I’m only using these as cruising/ carving wheels- but they are superb. Very smooth and fast roll.
Blood Orange Alpine Wheels
on 2021-04-12 Verified Purchase
Rayne 42" Demonseed & Rolling Tree Acedia are two decks that I like these 73mm wheels on. Their fast rolling sure-grip wheels and look amazing and clean up well. I like most of the Blood Orange lineup including Black Limited 70mm and the blue Midnight 70mm.
on 2017-04-26 Verified Purchase
Very smooth wheels, the sharp lip and offset core keeps you grippin to the road.
on 2016-09-11 Verified Purchase
Super smooth wheels! I think the extra offset add stability for this noobie rider.
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Good overall wheel
on 2016-07-30
Good fast downhill wheel, a little scary to break into slides but once you break the top layer off, slides like butter
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Blood Orange Alpine Series Wheels
on 2016-02-25 Verified Purchase
Blood Orange is a companies who's wheels don't disappoint, they have a little bit of everything for everyone.
Normal mafa
on 2015-09-07 Verified Purchase
Excellent downhill wheels. I have a set of 80a Kegels and I think I might prefer these. They are super fast and hold your traction and actually have a surprisingly smoother slide than any other downhill wheel.
Great Wheels For Everything
on 2015-07-16 Verified Purchase
I have been using these wheels for the past 6 months and they have proven to be my favorite wheel in my six years of downhill skating. When I first got them, the skin provided a good amount of grip but the MPF also broke out into surprisingly smooth, clean drifts with a definitive hookup when I wanted to slide. After breaking them in completely, they still gripped everything I threw at them. However, when drifting, the broken down lips created a less defined hookup than with the lips intact as expected. I have found that freeriding them once they wear below 68mm or so is much more enjoyable than freeriding traditional round lip wheels due to to the smooth formula and "smudgy" hookup. The only issue I have had with these wheels is that the core became a tad squeaky after putting so much wear and tear into them with, most likely, oversized bearing spacers (Zealous don't seem to fit all the way into the bearing seat but it does not affect performance). In the end, a squeaky core won't stop me from using these wheels for everything from the fastest downhill to medium freeride. The shape and MPF are exactly what you want from a downhill wheel; the perfect amount of grip to slip, an unbelievably smooth drift, and long term durability.
on 2015-06-25
I've got to say these wheels really made the difference for me between getting last or getting first. They're fast, grippy, and if you need a speed check they will do what they're told!