65mm Remember The Lil' Hoot Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Width: 41.5mm
  • Contact Patch: 33.5mm
  • Durometer: 78a
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
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The Lil' Hoot longboard skateboard wheels is the smaller brother of the Hoots. These little guys are 65mm tall with a stoneground surface that are super sugary wheels with amazing durability! The Lil' Hoots will slide consistently right out of the box due to their round lip, and center-set profile. Throw these on a double kick and slash around town, or take them out to the hills for long and predictable standup slides.

Remember's Description

As the name implies, this is the baby brother to our exceptionally popular wheel - The Remember Collective Hoot!  The LIL' Hoot comes in at 65mm with a 78a durometer and a stone-ground finish for effortless slides with no break-in period.  The LIL' Hoot is designed to be the perfect wheel for getting sideways, whether you ride a longboard, or a double kick deck - it's sure to be a blast!  The centerset hub makes it easy to wear your wheels down nice and evenly, and our famous urethane not only gets sideways with ease, but will stay sideways longer than the competition - and leave some nice thane lines for the neighbors to admire!  Our urethane formula also boasts unparalleled durability for a small and shreddy freeride wheel.  
 The LIL' Hoot comes in 5 different color combinations: Red, Blue, Pink, Green, and White!​"


Teaches you HOW to slide
on 2020-06-27 Verified Purchase
I specifically get the yellow 74a, which is the softest wheel, but holy cow! These are slidey boys! They have been very hard for me to flat spot, and I'm still learning how to slide. I have egg-shaped them, but that could be a beginner bad habit. Still, I love these wheels! Definitely 5/5 for me!
instant jail
on 2019-12-07 Verified Purchase
extremely slidey B)
So easy to slide
on 2019-03-12 Verified Purchase
Oh man, I was not expecting these to slide so easily! I’ve been learning to slide and have had success with butterballs 70mm 80a, but it’s not easy at slower speeds and I don’t have the confidence to fully commit with them without gloves on the ground. I swapped them out for these hoots and could immediately tell a massive difference. In fact I don’t want to go too fast through a turn because they just want to kick out. Don’t expect to grip it. Kinda wish I went for the 70mm so they would have slightly more grip but I’m going to rock the hell out of these. I finally feel like I found a wheel that I can learn to slide on easily.
great! learned stand up slide within 20 mins of riding
on 2018-01-17 Verified Purchase
I got these with a complete so I am not sure how much of what i am about to say has to do with other parts of the board and how much the wheels. However, I learned stand up heelside 180s within 20 mins of riding these. Before this my old board had 86a Keanus and i never could really get stand ups figured out. When I tried it with these wheels it just seemed so easy and simple to initiate the slide that i knew it was only going to be a few tries before i got it. So happy i purchased these, and its nice how inexpensive they are :)
Really good wheels
on 2017-05-21
I bought these because a friend of mine had them and he let me try to slide them. I was not expecting how effortless it was to kick the board out and maintain long stand-up slides. They don't flat spot like ever. They thane decently but it isn't like hawgs tracer thane but it's good. I've bought these wheels multiple times but I'm probably gonna look for a harder wheel. i plan to get the regular hoots and experiment with those. Definitely a great wheel and recommend it for anyone learning or trying to kick out 100ft standys.
Great wheels to learn to slide!
on 2017-04-12 Verified Purchase
I bought my used Carbon Superglider with Abec 11 sideset freerides 78a 66mm. Those I found harder to initiate, These are about 1/4" narrower, and a little smaller. Coleman slides are effortless with these wheels once you got your body position learned. I would recommend Muirskate to put them on beginner completes. They're marketed as freeride wheels, but I would not go fast on them as they WILL slide out. They're good for all around cruising, they feel softer, but slide like hard wheels without a set breakaway and hookup. I spice up cruising with them as they are FUN! ] I highly recommend them, worth every penny!
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on 2017-01-23 Verified Purchase
I used to have butterballs. Butterballs are alright,but compared too these wheels? With these it's 110× times better too kick out and and stay in slides longer. Now i'm off too buy some more Remember wheels
Sliding Rookie
on 2016-12-23 Verified Purchase
I'm not a big slide jockey but these wheels are giving me the confidence to try slide speeds that I haven't hit before. If you're new to sliding and trying to decide between 65's and 70's, I think the 65's could give you some added poise.
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on 2016-07-02
Super slippery and fun but hard to control when fast but super fun and good for learning
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Much Better than I anticipated
on 2016-06-21
I got these as a grad gift. Before I tried them I was skeptical. Coming from an offset, grippy, wheel that slides much better at speed, these are a blast. Pretty much effortless kick, smooth slide. Starts out icy, but it's getting more controllable. super fun on hairpins! just drift around the entire corner. Just get them you wont regret it.
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great for jams!
on 2016-06-16
these wheels are so slidey and nice there not really great for holding lines or doing anything technical like that because there just so slippery and uncontrollable, i would just recommend these wheels for jams and having fun down nice long hills. so overall if your planning on bombing down some long hill with a bunch of technical stuff i wouldn't recommend this wheel, just keep this one for having fun
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Great Wheels!!!
on 2015-10-05
These have been my favorite fast freeride wheels I am lighter weight so these slide amazing for me. They are a perfect mix of Sugary and Icy and have a amazing hookup. Once broken in they leave small thane lines and start sliding more controllable and longer I recommend these wheels to lightweight skaters, someone trying to learn to slide, or some who just wants an amazing fast freeride wheel.
Fantastic Slide wheels
on 2015-09-23 Verified Purchase
I got these because I read online that they were really slidey wheels that are good to learn how to slide on and do some basic freeriding on. Within a week of getting these wheels (I had no experience with freeriding before) I was throwing heelside 180's left and right and holding out some pretty good standups. They are a bit icy at first but once they are broken in they are more controllable. They are great wheels to learn how to slide on.
Normal bernie
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
These wheels are the reason I've learned to slide. I know some people say it's better to learn on bigger wheels, but I started with these and worked my way up to bigger wheels. I must say I think it helped a lot. The Remember Thane is amazing. Not too icy, not too grippy- just what you want in a slide wheel. I also use these for cruising campus on my Dropper, and I can't complain. If you're learning slides- I highly recommend these wheels. The price can't be beaten for the quality you get. Don't forget! Remember the lil hoot!!
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Just get them.
on 2015-06-23
Best wheels I've slid with. They do not feel like a 78a slide wheel, they feel more like 86a. It has that glidey feel over the pavement when going sideways, unlike tracers where the pavement just shreds up your wheel. They have a small amount of thane, but it's much more visible when going fast. I've been riding for a few weeks now, and there are no signs of flatspots/coning. They barely wear at all, but still have that ghost-like thane that it leaves behind. Cheapest freeride wheel you'll need. Everyone needs to try these at some point. Not Icy, very controllable, and I barely have to lean back anymore. I just glide after I kick out. The kick out is effortless. I've gone 90 a few times and there were no signs of wear. JUST GET THEM!