70mm Boss Hawgs Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 46mm
  • Contact Patch: 32mm
  • Durometer: 76a, 78a, 80a
  • Core Placement: Centerset
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
  • Color: White
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Straight from Canada are the new Boss Hawgs longboard skateboard wheels, were designed to be ridden sideways more than anything. Centerset, stone ground, round lip, all the characteristics of this wheel scream freeride!

Throw these on to your freeride board and have a blast! Free your spirit and your mind, by taking your final skate of a lifetime on some Landyachtz Boss Hawgs!

If you are wondering how these feel under your feet... Well imagine a very very nice eraser gliding across your paper. Incredibly smooth with lines of nice pink shavings all over your homework, but quiet enough that your classmates don't know you messed up on spelling "awesome".

Diameter - 70mm
Width - 46mm
Durometer - 76a, 78a, 80a
Contact Patch - 32mm
Finish - Stoneground
Core - Centerset

Hawgs's Description

Stoneground and center set, these wheels have a ridiculously smooth and predictable slide. Our custom-engineered Core distributes your weight evenly across the surface of the wheel ensuring consistent wear. If you want a wheel that is solid right down to the core, the it's time for the Boss Hawgs.

Durometer: 78a, 80a
Diameter: 70mm
Contact Patch: 32mm
Core Position: Center


What Happened to 76a?
on 2017-07-10
I have ridden two sets of the 76a and they are my favorite freeride wheel. They have an easy initiation, you just have to lean and kick a little. The slide is sugary with a little bit of grip due to the soft duro. The core gives this wheel very quick acceleration and the lack of lips makes the initiation easy and the hook up forgiving. Due to the lack of lips and huge core, this wheel does not grip corners that well and feels pretty bumpy over rougher pavements. This wheel thanes on certain types of pavement, especially if you are heavier. I weigh 140 pounds and if you weigh less, aren't skating fast, or want to do longer slides I recommend going for the 78a. These wheels last a long time and i've skated a lot of neighborhood runs and 4-5 tuna runs and they still have half life left.
Slip and slide
on 2016-10-23 Verified Purchase
This have to be the ultimate freeride wheels nice slide barley any effort, and you have to go fast for that great slide
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Best Fast Freeride 78a
on 2016-09-22 Verified Purchase
Let me start off by saying that these wheels are for fast freeride and will not be fun whatsoever at slower speeds. These wheels hit all the necessary bases in that category: Fast, Slow/Even Wear, Intuitive Release Point, and they slow you down so you don't completely ice out. My 78a versions did not thane at all from my experience, which is exactly what I was looking for since I wanted a soft wheel that still lasts long. The large, ventilated core definitely helps with the speed as well, which makes everything just so delightful. If you want a fast freeride wheel that lasts longer than your typical "thany" wheel, this is the way to go. 5/5 would buy again!