70mm Hawgs Mini Zombie Freeride Skateboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 45.6mm
  • Contact Patch: 39.25mm
  • Durometer: 78a, 80a, 82a, 84a, 86a
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Round
  • Wheel Surface: Stoneground
  • Color: Blue, White, Yellow, Orange
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For those that enjoyed the Zombie Hawgs but wanted it in a smaller form here is the perfect wheel for you. The large core gives them a nice light feel and faster roll speed than one might expect from a 70mm wheel.

The wide contact patch gives you control when you need it and slip when you want it. They're stone ground, too, so you can throw that switch toeside right out of the box!

Hawgs's Description

Round lipped wheels are the way to go when it comes to going slideways. If you are just learning to slide, a freeride wheel like the Mini Zombie Hawgs will be your best bet. It will break free easier, wear slower, and be less prone to flatspots and ovals.

Available in 5 durometers to suit any riding style or terrain, the Mini Zombie features a stone-ground finish on an offset core, resulting in a smooth slide and predictable hook-up. Whether going fast and doing slides is your thing, or just carving the hills, the Mini Zombie will provide you with the most enjoyable ride.


My first
on 2018-10-11 Verified Purchase
These are my first freeride wheel's and I love them they slide easly at around 25 mph and wear vary slowly
Butter and Style!
on 2016-12-10 Verified Purchase
Love my Mini-Zombies so far! They feel great and their performance is just as good as their "looks." Perfect contact patch on the wheels...not too big, not too small. The pre stone-ground surface has me ready to go out of the box and gives me the coveted "worn-in wheel" feel right away. The large core keeps them lighter while adding some style points. My friends are jealous! Love love love!
Consistently Smooth
on 2016-06-29 Verified Purchase
I've used the white 80a, which is the softer wheel I've run. Although the slide's initiation was harder, they provided really smooth and consistent slides all around.
First time longboarder
on 2016-06-19 Verified Purchase
I matched them to me weight and have had no issues. This is my first longboard so my only comparison is to skating back in the 90's.
Best wheel ever 2016 (hawgs hmu)
on 2016-04-20
82a is my favorite flavor, they last forever and have good release and long slides. I do freeride (florida is crap for DH) and these wheels are dope gucci, also the aesthetic of this wheel is amazing, it has vents so you can basically have the coolest looking setup ever. Hawgz, if you're looking for a team rider, hit me up ;)