72mm Volante Serrata Wheels

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  • Width: 53.0mm
  • Durometer: 80a, 82a
  • Diameter: 72.0mm
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Volante has finally released a 72mm 82a downhill wheel called the Serrata. This new wheel is the perfect size for bombing hills while gripping all the turns. After some quick testing we found that the Serrata became a sick freeride wheel. They have buttery slides and which are also predictable at the hookup point!
Volante's Description

The Serrata is the first race wheel in the Volante lineup. The wheel has gone through strenuous testing by our team riders and after many tweaks and fine tunings they have unanimously agreed that this is the best race wheel they have ever ridden. We engineered the Serrata with a high strength vented core that will allow for the fastest speeds in downhill, and the 53mm contact patch with a 3.5mm offset will give optimal traction while you are pushing the limits. For those of you who want go fast and stay in control, this is the wheel for you.

Diameter: 72mm
Durometer: 82a
Contact Patch: 53mm
Core Setting: 3.5mm offset


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