75mm Orangatang In Heat Longboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Width: 56mm
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Durometer: 80a, 83a
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
  • To Sum It Up: Big, Grippy, and Fast. Great multipurpose wheel.
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$62.00 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

Orangatang In-Heat longboard skateboard wheels are definitely the longboarder's and downhill racers wheels of choice.
The Orangatang line of wheels are made of high rebound/hi-grade proprietary "HAPPY" urethane. Orangatang wheels rebound more effectively and are predictable in terms of sliding and drifting. Happy urethane is ideal for carving, cruising, and high-performance speed boarding. .

On flat surfaces the In-Heat rolls a far amount in just a few pushes. You can also roll over bigger cracks with confidence without losing any speed or control of your skateboard. The flat-lip design maximums control assisting and grip in tight corners. Lastly, the rippled design of the hub is meant to provide more rebound in and out of corners while racing at high-speed or even pumping down the boardwalk.

All of our friends ride them and we suggest you do to - You will not be disappointed!

Orangatang's Description

A perennial favorite for hard carving, pumping, and downhill racing. The offset design with hard, sharp edges for grip, thick lips for maintaining speed, and rippled inner walls for progressive energy return through turns with out loss of speed and control. Designed to maintain grip, but when desired they can be slid very predictably and smoothly to shed speed. These wheels will not slide right out of the box because of their grippy, sharp edges. Repeatedly sliding wears down the sharp lips allowing for smoother slides. For a more slide oriented 75mm wheel check out the Durian Freeride wheels. The Orangatang In Heats are a popular wheel for speed-boarding in high speed and rough road courses due to their size and wide contact patch.


Pure awesomeness!
on 2021-10-26 Verified Purchase
I put a set of the orange ones on my board and was amazed how well these big rascals spin up to speed. I ride mainly on a greenway and these wheels will roll over leaves, twigs, gravel...I love 'em.
smooth and steady
on 2021-09-28 Verified Purchase
these bois make riding nasty pavement fun and comfortable. im never worried im gonna crash the ground from a pebble or pothole on these wheels
Killer Wheels w/ Killer Contact
on 2021-09-17 Verified Purchase
I love Tang . . . the drink, the body part and the freaking wheels! 🤙
good gum
on 2021-09-11 Verified Purchase
nice and chewy, grip, happily blast sticks n stones out the way. sounds good.
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In heat wheels
on 2021-06-09 Verified Purchase
These wheels are the perfect size for your bigger (36+ Inch) board. Super fast and slide really well.
on 2021-05-12 Verified Purchase
whats to say that already hasnt been said great all the way around
Great grippy wheels
on 2020-06-26 Verified Purchase
These are so grippy I love them. Perfect for getting some speed and turing corners. Only complaint is that these are super slippery when wet.
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Slidy went I want it and Grippy when I need it
on 2019-03-08 Verified Purchase
Love the longer and faster roll speed due to the bigger size and duro. The fact that the specific design of these wheels is for downhill and for the grip they are great for a nice cruise and great slide sessions. They look cool too. Big ol gummy fruit.
Round and fast, like a greased-up Danny Devito
on 2018-03-12
These are good wheels if you want to go fast, but you are afraid of the wheel bite. I do wish they made them in a softer duro, even the orange flavored ones are pretty hard. Not terribly forgiving on rougher roads and sidewalks, you can really feel rocks, cracks, and vibrations. Loaded may make some nice boards, but their wheels ain't quite there yet.
Grip and rip turns with this superb race wheel
on 2017-05-15
I have rolled over branches, rocks, potholes and i'm still alive! Once you break the shiny skin off these things will slide well, but if you're lighter like me (< 130 lbs) be prepared for major stopping power! Very flat-spot resistant, retains good grip throughout the life of the wheel, and the color pops with any board! 10/10 would get 'em by the case if i had the money.
on 2016-08-15 Verified Purchase
Solid and goes over any road in any condition. Recommended it to many friends.
on 2016-05-17 Verified Purchase
Smooth and durable
Great wheels!!!
on 2016-04-01 Verified Purchase
Best wheels on the market you won't be disappointed
Great price nice ride!
on 2016-03-11 Verified Purchase
Quiet and soft ride. Great for long hauls especially over rougher terrain. I went skating on some paved roads in a wooded reserve and these babies just fling rocks and branches out of the way. Uphill a greater challenge with these softer wheels but overall a great buy.
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
Amazing Color!