70mm Orangatang 4President Longboard Wheels

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  • Diameter: 70mm
  • Width: 53mm
  • Contact Patch: 53mm
  • Durometer: 80a, 83a,86a
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
  • To Sum It Up: Fast and grippy, with a predictable slide.
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$57.00 USD
1 Quantity = 4 Wheels, enough for a complete longboard.

Orangatang 4 President longboard skateboard wheels are definitely a longboarders and racers wheel of choice.
The Orangatang line of wheels are made of hi-grade urethane making the rebound more effective and more predictable in performance. You will maintain consistent speed with 4 Presidents after a few pushes on a flat surface.
After plenty of testing, we find that the Orangatang 4 President longboard skateboard wheels are very predictable through turns and at high speed. You can roll over cracks with confidence.
With the flat lip design, you can obtain maximum control and gain confidence into tight cornering. Try the Orangatang 4 Presidents with a drop-through deck for amazing and stable performance.

These days the Orangatang line is gaining popularity around college campuses. You will definitely catch a glimpse of some orange and purple streaks on the sidewalks soon!

Orangatang's Description

Offset design with subtle lip characteristics for increased grip, speed, and high energy. Designed to maintain grip. When desired they can be slid predictably and smoothly to shed speed. These wheels will not slide right out the box because of their grippy sharp edges. Repeatedly sliding wears down the sharp lips allowing for smoother slides. For a more oriented 70mm wheel check out the Stimulus Freeride wheels. The 4 Presidents Longboard Skateboard Wheels are a popular wheel for speedboarding and technical quicker turning courses requiring the quick acceleration of a small wheel.


on 2021-04-18
So so smooth, such effortless sliding. Phenomenal.
Soft, grips well.
on 2021-04-12 Verified Purchase
Soft enough to smooth out rough pavement. Grips the pavement well while making tight turns and carving.
4President 4 Terms and Counting
on 2020-11-12 Verified Purchase
I personally use these wheels on a 42" drop through board for cruising and carving. The smooth skin on the wheels is very grippy and unless you push them to slide, you will maintain grip for a very long time. I was biased towards Abec11 wheels but dreamed of being able to afford Orangatangs when I was younger. This being my first set of O'Tangs, I'm now a huge fan. I'm 250lbs and I ride 83A (purples)
on 2020-11-02 Verified Purchase
These wheels can ride over anything! Super smooth, fast, and fatty wheels! Put them on my dinghy with no bite
on 2020-08-24 Verified Purchase
I love these wheels they real hug grip added bonus they ride over pretty much everything! A++++
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Love these
on 2020-07-02 Verified Purchase
I ride 4Pres mostly for downhill, but once they break in and you shave off a few mm, they make for a fun freeride wheel too (80a). Break-in is easy; one fast (30+mph) slide on each side and the skin is gone. Before the skin is off though, take advantage of the grip and juicy edge feel.
They keep my board pointer where I want
on 2019-01-13 Verified Purchase
They keep my board pointed in the directitiona i want to go and let me lean on them... Very comfortable and chewey.
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Pretty Good
on 2017-11-13
These wheels are great, come in colors that are not normally seen and just look stylish. However, they do not leave thane. I am a big fan of thane, so if you are like me and looking to see the lines from your wheels, do not get these wheels.
Great Wheels
on 2016-11-12 Verified Purchase
Get these wheels if you wanna be the coolest cat around
All around amazing
on 2016-10-06
Fast, keeps momentum, slides like butter, regrips easily, great for super hard carves, but slip out easy when you push em out for a slide. A++
on 2016-05-26 Verified Purchase
Smooth and grippy. Can take tight turns with ease and are comfortable for long rides.
on 2016-05-22 Verified Purchase
super awesome wheels. haven't gotten them to slide yet (still learning) but they feel like they will glide like butter
on 2016-05-21 Verified Purchase
Very good wheels!
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Get rekd
on 2015-10-25 Verified Purchase
These wheels are a good time once you break em' in!!