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Abec 11 Longboard Wheels

77mm ABEC 11 Strikers Longboard Skateboard Wheels

  • Diameter: 77mm
  • Width: 47mm
45.95 77mm ABEC 11 Strikers Longboard Skateboard Wheels


The Abec 11 Striker is like it sounds. It is a solid longboarding wheel great for hard slides and performance hill riding. We would not recommend the striker for transition or everyday cruising. For that, refer back to Noskoolz or Flashbacks. The preferred use of the Striker is straight line speed and acute slides to adjust for speed. Like all Abec 11 wheels, the Striker is formulated with the highest quality urethane used for increased rebound and speed. Again, you should choose a durometer that measure with your intentions and demands of skateboarding. Try a harder durometer for more intense slides.

ABEC 11's Description

77mm Strikers are faster and smoother because they have more lively urethane than smaller wheels on larger (45mm) hubs. All of the contact patch is contained within the width of the hub making for smooth, predictable and controlled slides. Once you've slid around, it has enough traction to "hook you back up" to keep you up to speed. It's also smoother and lasts longer than wheels with less urethane. As with our other wheels, it won’t delaminate because the urethane is connected to the polyurethane hub with a chemical bond instead of glue.

Downhill, Sliding, Longboard, Streetluge
Name: Strikers Hub Setting: SS Sideset
Height: 77mm Depth of Urethane: 21 mm
Width: 47mm Edges: Round
Contact Patch: 32.0mm Hub: 35mm

How they have been described as our customers:
Controlled, predictable slides

Tags: wheels, speed, upgrade-speed, Skate