74mm RAD "Advantage" Wheels

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  • Diameter: 74mm
  • Width: 61mm
  • Contact Patch: 61mm
  • Durometer: 78a, 80a
  • Core Placement: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Sharp
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
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As the most innovative wheel designs on the market, the RAD Advantage is a wheel re-invented that was worth going back over!

An original rigid, crown-core design was developed by downhill riders Louis Pilloni and James Kelly which supports the urethane on the wheel to create a more even distribution of weight on the wheel surface.
In essence, the crown core design make RAD wheels function more properly and predictably than any wheel you've tried before.

The wide 61mm contact patch of the Advantage gives you all the grip you need to shoot through the apex line of a hairpin and keep on your edge through big, drawn out sweepers!
Need to brush off some speed? The Advantage features the most predictable, smooth-sliding urethane we have ever experienced! So go ahead and push out little speed checks whenever you want, no matter the speed or situation.
You'll have a new level of control you never knew was possible on a set of these 74mm RAD Advantage downhill wheels!

Looking for some sticky slalom wheels or maybe just a smooth-rolling wheel to keep you moving down the boardwalk? The RAD Advantage is amazingly affordable for a wheel that retains speed on flat and while pumping like nothing else out there!

RAD's Description

Rider Approved Designs present the Advantage.

The 74mm Advantage gives you all the edges needed to control your direction and speed. With a 58mm contact patch, supported yet flexible lips, grip on the pavement is maximized without compromising mobility. At the center is the 'Crown' core ensuring a smooth slide. With three points and two valleys to section the wheel into distinct sections, chatter and vibrations are eliminated. Made out of material 10x stronger than traditional cores, the Crown doesn't deform under weight maximizing your potential roll speed.

RAD Advantage video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WXgvwCWpPg

James Kelly putting the 74mm Rad Advantage to proper use!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tywwAd21OgI


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What are wobbles?
on 2019-06-13
These wheels came highly recommended, and I wasn't let down. Just picked up a set of these in 80a. I'm a 200lb rider, and the Advantages are incredible. Super grippy, plow over poor terrain and the wide contact patch really shines at high speeds. If you're looking for a smoother, faster ride, I absolutely recommend this wheel for any skill level rider.
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Great wheels never spend a day regreting buy these
on 2017-02-01
These wheels were a game changer for me, before this I was riding wheels that made me go significantly slower and i really like these and the roll speed is very nice for intimidate and pro downhill
on 2016-03-11
The RAD Advantage is one of the most well-known downhill/race wheels on the market. They are big, FAST, and offer supreme grip and control. The CROWN CORE keeps these wheels rolling FAST and ensures an even wear. For real, these things corner like a Ferrari...it's insane! The RAD Advantage comes in 78a and 80a. I have both! There isn't even a question that these wheels get 5 stars...In fact I rate them 13/5 stars! These are THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! ...Oh, and did I mention they are FAST!??!
Fast - Fast - Fast Wheel
on 2015-12-27
I have spent a lot of dough on wheels. Trying out as many different types as fast as I can buy them and let me tell you this freakin wheel is so fast It still blows my mind every time i get on em. Bought the 80a and thought to myself, "Damn these wheels are soft" but when i got on them for the first time I was so not ready for the speed they accelerate to and maintain... Just bought the "80a Release" last week and just like the advantage.. F'n Fast!!! Hands Down one of my Favorite wheels to date - R.A.D. - Get em!
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RAD Advantages 80a
on 2015-11-08
Great Downhill wheels my first set of race wheels which have gotten lots and lots of use. I have recently broke them in and started doing high speed free ride on them as I have other race wheels. Dang they are good! Slide is good once you gain the control and confidence required to work with that core. No complaints definitely the standard race wheel in my opinion good to start with great to learn from if you don't already have a place of reference for race wheels