120mm Bear Precision 2020 Smokies Pewter Downhill Longboard Skateboard Trucks With 45°/20° baseplates

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  • Width (mm): 120mm
  • Baseplate Angle: 45°/20°
  • Construction: Precision
  • Geometry: Reverse Kingpin
  • Color: Pewter
  • Hole Pattern: 8-Hole
  • Bushing Shape & Duro: Tall Barrel 95a/97a 78a/73a
  • Positive Rake: 7 Percent
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Introducing the new 120mm Bear Precision Smokies longboard skateboard trucks!

Bear Grizzly precision skate trucks are sleek, beefy, featherlight, and smooth riding. 8mm axles and kingpins mixed with a mega beefcake of a hanger make for a super-strong, lightweight, durable truck.

Sold as a pair:

(1) 120mm/45° truck
(1) 120mm/ 20° truck

These tucks are perfect for all types of downhill skateboarding - carvy and responsive, rock solid and leany for speed runs. Grab a set and start mobbing with confidence.


Bear's Description

The latest trucks to bear the legendary Smokey name, the 2020 versions combine our years of experience designing some of the fastest trucks in the game with slalom-influenced geometry to provide the grip and agility that modern DH skating demands. 120mm hangars with 45/20 degree baseplates give otherworldly amounts of grip in the corners while remaining stable and composed at high speeds. Our team worked hard to get the set-up dialled in on these so they’re ready to rip right out of the box. These trucks come stock with Venom bushings, Riptide pivot cups and custom machined UHMW hangar inserts. Strap these on and head straight out to your local hill to beat your friends.



on 2020-05-02 Verified Purchase
This setup is ready to cook right out of the box.They're intuitive and responsive; if you haven't tried slalom style trucks before, your missing out. This pair is beautifully colored and the hangars look (and feel) damn near indestructible. Pick up a set when you're feeling ready to elevate your riding style.
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Bear (Little Smokies)
on 2020-04-26 Verified Purchase
These are so perfect!