150 mm Paris V3 50° Polished Longboard Skateboard Truck

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  • Width (mm): 150mm
  • Baseplate Angle: 50 Degree
  • Construction: Cast Aluminum
  • Geometry: Reverse Kingpin
  • Rake: Yes
  • Color: Polished
  • Hole Pattern: 6-Hole
  • Bushing Shape & Duro: Cone/Barrel (90a)
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$25.95 USD
1 Quantity = 1 Truck. Get 2 for a complete longboard.

Very pleased to announce the release of the Paris V3 longboard trucks.

It's been a long time coming but well worth the wait!

These trucks are stronger, straighter and funner than ever. All new from the ground up to step up the longboard truck game. Paris redesigned their top selling longboard trucks to bring us the new and improved Paris V3! These trucks feature new manufacturing process that allows the use of a true T6 heat-treatment, offering further durability.

The bushings on the Paris V3 trucks have been updated. New and improved 90a bushing formula. The top cone bushing’s new shape offers better performance and rebound, and the baseplates now come equipped with 96a urethane pivot cups.

With all new colors, these trucks look as great as they ride!

As soon as you mount a set of Paris V3s to your board, you can tell these guys went the extra mile to perfect the geometry of their trucks to bring you the most refined longboard truck on the market.

Paris's Description

Looking to cut some serious turns and get your swerve on? Look no further! The Paris V3 150mm is your go-to carving truck. The narrow hanger allows for quicker turning and increased leverage compared to a wider truck. The 50° baseplate provides an excellent balance of stability and maneuverability. Perfect for smaller boards, smaller riders, and the deep carver in all of us, the Paris 150s will get you diving into quick cuts and surf-inspired slashes in no time!

Paris V3 trucks are produced using Paris’ new, proprietary alloy forming process, which utilizes techniques derived from casting, extrusion and forging. This gives the V3 a molecular structure that provides strength far beyond any other cast truck on the market.

The new manufacturing process also allows Paris to use a true T6 heat-treatment, offering further durability.

Paris has redesigned the hanger’s barrel and shoulders adding more material, and reinforced the baseplate with an additional support beam to increase strength and reduce acute stress to the area.

The kingpins have been modified making them tougher and more resilient and the baseplates come equipped with hand-poured, 96a urethane pivot cups, which provide an ultra-smooth turn and return to center.

The Paris V3 is also available in 180mm and 150mm options.

Paris V3 150mm 50° trucks are good for:

quick turning
narrower boards
The Paris V3 Features:

Proprietary Alloy Forming Process
True T6 Heat Treatment
Stronger, Redesigned Hanger
SCM440 Alloy Steel Axles
Improved 90a Urethane Bushing Formula
Redesigned Conical Bushing Shape
Lighter, Reinforced Baseplate
Redesigned SCM435 Alloy Steel Kingpins
96a Hand Poured Urethane Pivot Cups
50° Baseplate Marker Symbols


Mini cruiser
on 2022-02-08 Verified Purchase
Built for Landyahtz Dingy and they worked out beautifully!
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Great deal, good trucks
on 2022-02-03 Verified Purchase
Got these on the winter discount to replace a set of 180mm V2’s that got run over by multiple cars. Wanted a narrower set anyway so I’m stoked on the deal.
on 2020-06-01 Verified Purchase
Nice and smooth ride with these trucks 🔥🔥🔥
Cruiser Trucks
on 2020-03-20 Verified Purchase
Popped these on a Heroin Deer Man with a set of Podiums and Big Balls from Reds... great setup.
Pleasantly surprised
on 2019-07-05 Verified Purchase
I was skeptical about the V3's because Paris only advertised the strength gains on launch. But after getting my hands on them, I can confirm that the bushing seat is tightened up just enough to actually be called a bushing seat, and maintain that famous, lively, Paris truck feel. The baseplate even weighs around 8 grams less, and hanger weight is still the same, despite the V3 being beefier. They feel in the hand like a higher end truck. It's difficult to explain, but the new construction certainly feels cleaner, and more precise. As someone who owns nearly every version of Paris rkp's, including savants, I'm overall very impressed by these V3's, despite being very skeptical about actual performance gains at the beginning.