187 mm Gullwing 10 inch Blue/Silver/Gold Sidewinder Longboard Skateboard Trucks

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If you are looking for exaggerated easy turning and a smooth flow, the Gullwing Sidewinders are definitely the trucks for you. Designed to surf the street, the Gullwing Sidewinders simulate the movements that are common to surfing on an actually wave in the ocean! Surfing the desert is now possible!

The Sidewinders feature a 'double kingpin' setup which allows the truck to lean far more than regular trucks! Tightening the turning radius and also giving back double the response you put in to your carves and pumps was built in the design of the Sidewinder. What this means is you can generate momentum through turning/pumping, and will be able to carve the tightest lines known to any skateboarder.

We suggest pairing Gullwing Sidewinder trucks with the Sector 9 Sidewinder Series or with a smaller single or double kick longboard skateboard for maximum performance.

Gullwing's Description

The patented design of the Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks have been turning heads since they were first introduced. What makes these trucks so special is that they have two pivot points which allows the trucks to turn twice as sharp and fast as a standard truck. This double action pivot allows the rider to generate speed using their own turning momentum. The Gullwing Sidewinder trucks are a sidewalk surfers dream. Ask anyone that has ridden them and the truth will be told.

***Please be aware that hese trucks must be set up on an appropriately shaped deck with proper clearance in order to function properly and avoid wheel bite***


Great for what they are
on 2018-09-05 Verified Purchase
If you are looking to do some carving, cruising or commuting and want a responsive, smooth-turning truck, get yourself a set of Sidewinders. These trucks are among the best you’ll find for surf style longboarding. The double kingpin configuration not only enhances the turning capability, but it also provides you with lots of adjustability to dial in the balance of carve and stability you need. They can also be easily converted to a traditional single-kingpin truck if needed. It should go without saying that these aren’t the ideal truck for high speed styles. If stability is your prime requisite, you aren’t in the market for Sidewinders. But if you crave the flow of a deep carve, this is your truck.