165mm Paris Savant Gunmetal Grey Longboard Skateboard Truck

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  • Width (mm): 165mm
  • Baseplate Angle: 43°
  • Construction: Forged
  • Geometry: Reverse
  • Rake: Yes
  • Color: Grey
  • Hole Pattern: Old/New School
  • Bushing Shape & Duro: Barrel/Barrel 90a
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$74.95 USD
1 Quantity = 1 Truck. Get 2 for a complete longboard.
Paris's Description

with no further adieu, we give you the Gunmetal Grey edition of the new 165mm Paris Savant! Lighter, narrower, and ready to grip the most insane lines, 165s are available now! So what are you waiting for?

The Savant is the absolute perfect truck for fast downhill and freeride skating, able to handle the fastest and gnarliest terrain you can throw at them. The 165mm hanger is forged, not cast, for superior strength and tighter tolerances. The axles are dead straight, precision machined, and secured into the hanger with a patented axle lock system. A slightly tighter bushing seat provides the additional stability needed to take your skating to 60mph+, while still giving that deep and predictable Paris turn you expect from our trucks. The Savants also feature a race-inspired machined pivot, top hat bushing washers, machined speed rings, urethane pivot cups and slop-stoppers, and are available on both 43 and 50-degree baseplates.

- Forged 6061 Aluminum Hangers. T6 Heat Treated
- Dead Straight Axles, Every Hangers Is Tested For Perfect --Alignment
- Race Spec 8mm, Grade 12 Axles
- Patented Captive Axle Lock System
- Grade 10 Steel Kingpins
- Precision Axle Washers
- 1mm Built-In Inner Speed Washers
- 96a “Slop Stoppers”
- Cast Baseplate
- Hand Poured 96a Pivot Cups
- Machined Kingpin and Pivot Holes
- 90a USA Made Double Barrel Bushings
- Genuine Anodized Hanger (Grey / Red)
- Titanium Plating (Electro Luxe)
- Precision Engineering and STRONG AS [email protected]#K!!


Wow, these are incredible!
on 2019-02-08 Verified Purchase
I upgraded from some old 180MM Road Rider trucks to these. I love my old trucks for cruising around, but speed was sketchy. Upgraded to these and my mind was blown. The Paris will turn nice and smooth, but if you really lean in, they just dive into the turn. They’ve been excellent for sliding. I put some harder bushings boardside and took it down some hills. 30 Mph was nothing. Can’t wait to find some bigger hills! Would absolutely recommend.
Paris Vs Ronin
on 2018-12-29 Verified Purchase
With the savant 43s being around the same price bracket as the cast katanas, that's what I'm gonna pit them against. Both trucks dive HARD and are very responsive. The savants come with a sleeved roadside washer, and slop stopped on the boardside bushing. The katanas have their famous support pin that essentially does the same thing for stability, while keeping the unrestricted bushing feel. Both have a race inspired pivot joint, and both have 96a tubes to go along with them. In classic Paris style, the savants sit taller than the competition, around 5mm above the katanas. This helps give me better wheel clearance, and increases turn, compared to ronin's crazy amount of lean. Because of this, I find myself running my savants more than my katanas. They help eliminate too much wheel bite, if you cruise between spots, or use your dh setup as a casual board now and then. BUT if you're solely looking for an affordable, hardcore downhill truck, I take the katanas. Especially if you have a drop deck that you don't need to worry about bite on. For clarity, my setups I've tested these trucks on are a DB contra 35 with a 27" wheelbase, and a 2019 Madrid dominant with a 26" wheelbase.