180mm Arsenal Raw Cast Longboard Skateboard Truck

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  • Width (mm): 180
  • Baseplate Angle: 44, 50 Degrees
  • Geometry: Reverse
  • Construction: Cast
  • Hole Pattern: 8-Hole
  • Rake: Yes, 3mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Bushing Shape & Duro: Tall Barrels (90a)
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Arsenal has designed a new high performance cast trucks with freeriding and downhill in mind. These trucks come in two different baseplate angles 44° and 50° so you can mix and match to dial in your ride. The hanger is Flipable with Custom Kingpin Hole Geometry to Maximize Bushing Contact. Arsenals cast trucks are constructed out of Heat Treated to a T6 Temper and the axles are hardened steel, making these trucks unbelievably strong.
Now, stop reading and grab a set of the cast Arsenal trucks for your freeride or downhill setup today!

Arsenal's Description

- High End Performance for both Freeride and Downhill
- 180mm and 165mm Width Options
- Hardened Alloy Steel Axles
- 50° and 44° Base Options, Designed and Set up for Tall Barrel Bushings
- Grade 8 Pressed in Kingpin. Zero Slop Period.
- Flipable Hanger with Custom Kingpin Hole Geometry to Maximize Bushing Contact.
- Tight Deep Bushing Seats. Insane Return and Response.
- Precision Cast Alloy Hangers and Bases. Both Heat Treated to a T6 Temper for Unmatched Strength.
- Precision Geometry. Same Geometry as our Precision Machined Trucks.


on 2020-11-22 Verified Purchase
Sweet trucks for the price
Best cast trucks
on 2017-12-14 Verified Purchase
if youre looking for a truck with huge carves but is also extremely stable at speed than this is it. Better than cast rouges if you were gonna ask. Rouges are twitchier at low speed. arsenal doesnt throw you as much at the end of a slide either. Arsenal kingpin does not flex as much as rouge kingpin. Also rides a bit lower. Very strong straight axle for cast and tight axle tolerances too. bearings sometimes get stuck on the axle. more mechanical feel then kodiaks and not as surfy (at least my setup). light for their beef but still heavier than calibers or paris. Tall Riptides fit best without boardside washer but venoms fit well with the boardside washer giving you huge amount of options. kingpin sticks above the hanger just a bit so careful not to scrape. I have both the 55s and 44s in both 165mm and 180. taken them past 50mph no problem. paint on the colored ones is thick so get raw. also buy the riptide 96a pivot cup and youll piss yourself from the euphoria. everyone complains about the stock bushings but its ok for roadside only but if you must use for boardside you need a boardside washer. simple trucks and the ride is solid. best bang for buck. id pay twice this.
Rad Trucks!
on 2017-10-04 Verified Purchase
Love the trucks. Running 50/44 with riptide kranks. They feel perfect! Also like the fact that the 50* and 44* are the same height, one less thing to worry about. They also have great customer service if you call them. Would definitely recommend.
Normal image
Lean for days....
on 2016-01-17 Verified Purchase
I'm not a big person but these trucks seems incredibly playful. I can't wait to shred them this season.