180mm Arsenal Black Cast Longboard Skateboard Truck

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  • Width (mm): 180
  • Baseplate Angle: 44° & 50°
  • Geometry: Reverse
  • Construction: Cast
  • Hole Pattern: 8-Hole
  • Rake: Yes, 3mm
  • Color: Black
  • Bushing Shape & Durometer: Tall Barrels (90a)
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Arsenal has designed a new high performance cast trucks with freeriding and downhill in mind. These trucks come in two different baseplate angles 44° and 50° so you can mix and match to dial in your ride. The hanger is Flipable with Custom Kingpin Hole Geometry to Maximize Bushing Contact. Arsenals cast trucks are constructed out of Heat Treated to a T6 Temper and the axles are hardened steel, making these trucks unbelievably strong.
Now, stop reading and grab a set of the cast Arsenal trucks for your freeride or downhill setup today!

Arsenal's Description

- High End Performance for both Freeride and Downhill
- 180mm and 165mm Width Options
- Hardened Alloy Steel Axles
- 50° and 44° Base Options, Designed and Set up for Tall Barrel Bushings
- Grade 8 Pressed in Kingpin. Zero Slop Period.
- Flipable Hanger with Custom Kingpin Hole Geometry to Maximize Bushing Contact.
- Tight Deep Bushing Seats. Insane Return and Response.
- Precision Cast Alloy Hangers and Bases. Both Heat Treated to a T6 Temper for Unmatched Strength.
- Precision Geometry. Same Geometry as our Precision Machined Trucks.


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on 2021-04-21 Verified Purchase
Recommended by both Muirskate and my friend who also rides with Arsenal trucks and does a lot of sliding and fast riding, they seem great.
Great cast trucks.
on 2021-01-26 Verified Purchase
Super responsive and stable. I would suggest changing out the bushings though, but that pretty much goes without saying for most trucks
on 2020-09-19 Verified Purchase
The most precise cast trucks I've ridden.
on 2018-09-24 Verified Purchase
They came with double barrels and are well designed 👍🏼
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The Wheels on the truck go round and round
on 2018-08-15 Verified Purchase
Clean looking good all-around truck.
Great Trucks For The Price
on 2018-03-08 Verified Purchase
At the price point, these are great in terms of quality and consistency. The bushing seat is only a tad restrictive, so step up your bushings to compensate for talls, and them step down a tad for the bushing seat. They're overall trucks that you can't go wrong with, long as you set them up to your liking. Rake is definitely there and help through turns, centre feels very solid for a cast truck. Good bang for buck, especially if you're looking to get into tall bushings.
Arsenal Cast trucks
on 2016-08-31 Verified Purchase
these trucks are absolutely f'n sick!! great for freeriding and great for downhill. i havent felt any speedwobble yet and ive been at decently high speeds. they feel very stable. 182mm precision arsenal are my next set. so far ive been very happy with arsenal. i recommend these to anyone
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Black 44
on 2016-03-31
I have one thing to say. GET THESE. They feel so much better than any other truck I have. They turn more, MOREthan my 50° Paris or Calibers. Sure, they cost more money, but THEY ARE WORTH IT!! Good Responsive. I believe that I would pick these over just about any other truck I own, even for cruising. They feel responsive, even at lower speeds between 5-25 mph. (I have yet to try them over 25 mph). Even with Riptide Aps bushings on a 29 inch wheelbase, they feel more responsive than 50° Calibers on a 16 inch wheelbase. But, they have an amazing centerpoint, so no worries if you like to go fast. Precise.They feel like Paris, but with more turn and less slop. Lean. They lean for forever. You can thank the tall bushings for that. These were my first set of trucks with tall bushings, and I loved them. Bad The cost is a little high for a cast truck, especially one with such awful stock bushings. Bushings. Ok, they are awful. Just putting it out there. As with any truck, I recommend upgrading to aftermarket bushings. I love riptide, especially in raked trucks. You can't run a washer boardside without the hangar being flipped. Paint. Ok, at this point I'm just nitpicking. But they should at least do an anodized type thing, like Paris and Caliber. Powdercoat can throw off the tolerances of a truck. What's the point of precise casting if you are going to throw it away with the paint? Until they go thinner, I would recommend going with the raw trucks until they do this, so you can take advantage of how amazing these are. I had one bigger problem with these trucks. No, not everyone might have this problem however. The threads were too deep into the axle. This caused the wheels to be slightly wobbly unless you cranked the axle nut very hard. Again, this could be the fault of the thick paint! If anyone else has this problem, you might want to contact them if it affects the performance of your wheels. I did, and they handled the problem very well. Lbibass Out