183mm Gullwing Louis Pilloni Pro Model Reverse Longboard Skateboard Truck

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  • Width: 183mm
  • Baseplate Angle: 47°
  • Geometry: Reverse
  • Construction: Cast
  • Hole Pattern: 8-Hole
  • Rake: Yes
  • Color: Blue
  • Bushing Shape & Duro: Barrel/Barrel (89a)
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The New Gullwing Reverse Longboard Skateboard Truck is a versatile truck capable of being used for cruising, carving, and freeriding right out of the package. The Reverse Trucks also come with RAD bushings making these trucks great for some downhill longboarding. You will have no problem mounting these trucks on your favorite Arbor or Sector 9 dropthrough deck.

Gullwing's Description

New to the Gullwing line up is the Reverse,
our latest offering to the reverse kingpin
category. Designed by Josh Rolf of Munkae
Trucks, every detail imaginable has been
taken into consideration with the design of
the Reverse. Not to mention, the Reverse
comes stock with RAD bushings to assure an
amazing ride right off the shelf.

TYPE: Reverse Kingpin, Performance
APPLICATION: Downhill, Freeride, Cruising
SIZES: 10.0" (183mm)
GEOMETRY: 47 Degree Raked
COLORS: Red, Raw, Black, White
BUSHINGS: 89a Double Barrel

Racing - 9
Downhill - 9
Carving - 10
Freeriding - 10
Cruising - 9
Street - 2
Impact - 7


They live up to Louis' name
on 2018-10-14 Verified Purchase
Really great for fast freeride. Changed the bushings out a couple times and ended up going back to the ones it came with.
They Get Better Over Time
on 2017-10-04
These trucks ride very stiff out of the box, as the hanger is setup for negative rake, if you are running it on a downhill board(my board is a landyachtz Top Speed 36), keep it this way. The dual 89a bushings feel more like dual 92a. They are incredibly stiff, which caused me to run the trucks looser than usual. I ran them only .25 of a turn past contact. I have had these trucks over 30mph on my local hills and they feel incredibly stable. I flipped the hangers around for positive rake and threw them on my Loaded Bhangra, and they rode amazing for dancing and freestyle. They are currently back on my Top Speed and have made their permanent residence there. If I had one complaint, it would be the bushings; however, that is an easy fix. In comparison with the other trucks I have ridden( 50 calibers, 44 calibers, 50 Paris, 52 Bears, Randall III, and many more) I like these trucks the most. They are the most versatile truck I could have ridden. If you are on the fence about getting these, and you are comparing them to any of the listed above trucks, get these. They are fantastic!
Pretty freakin' sweet
on 2017-06-17
These are a very solid choice; arguably the best choice at this price point. The pros of this truck are it's versatility, and it's high quality standard features. The machined-in spacers actually do work very well, i'd trust them without the spacers that come with bearings. The bushings have a little more meat than most, though not as much as true "tall" barrels. For me at my weight (125 lbs) the stock bushings were a little too stable. Great for tons of speed, but just a little too stiff feeling. Once i swapped the roadside bushings out for some much softer ones i had laying around (indie super-soft barrels, a little wider than the RADs) they came ALIVE!! They still felt very stable at speed, but had a wonderful carvy feeling when you lean on them. As well, the negative rake and multiple truck mounting options let me shorten my wheelbase closer to what i like. Flipping the hangers to positive rake knocks the carvyness up several notches, even with the stock bushings, so beware! As with all truck purchases, try to buy bushings that go along with your weight and style of riding. Also, These things look SEXY in the Pilloni colorway
Solid trucks!
on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
Nice long hanger holds fat wheels. Strong bushings allow for good stability during higher speeds while still allowing for sweet turns. Sweet color finish : )
on 2015-12-31 Verified Purchase
This was a great xmas gift for my buddy, it made it to my house fast and everything looked great
on 2015-09-20 Verified Purchase
I can use these trucks for awesome downhill speeds and simply putting a cone bushing on let's me get really carvy
DT 38 Longboard
on 2015-09-11 Verified Purchase
Purchased as part of a complete longboard, super happy with these trucks.