178mm Bear Black Kodiak Longboard Trucks

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  • Width (mm): 178mm
  • Baseplate Angle: 45°
  • Construction: Forged
  • Hole Pattern: 8-Hole
  • Geometry: Reverse
  • Rake: No
  • Color: Black
  • Bushing Shape & Duro: Double Barrel (83a)
  • Extra Bushings: (4) 90a, (4) 92a, (2) 99a Bushing Risers
$79.50 USD

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot sell the Bear Kodiak Trucks individually. You MUST select "Quantity: 2" (Enough for one longboard skateboard.)

The Bear Kodiak Truck features the latest in truck technology. This forged truck is one of the lightest non-precision trucks on the market. And with the eight-hole baseplate design you have even more wheelbase options to choose from! If you're looking for a truck that that offers the precision feel without the precision dent in your wallet, then look no further, my friend!

Whats included in the Box:

- (2) Bear Kodiak Trucks (Enough for one longboard skateboard)

- Includes Laser Etched Wood Box

- Includes Replacement Bushings in (4) 90a blue, (4) 92a white, with (4) 94a black bushings pre-loaded on truck

- Includes (2) 99a shim bushing to accommodate standard bushings

Bear's Description

The Bear Kodiak features the latest in truck technology. Forged Hangers and Base Plates provide the next level in strength and performance. Precision machined axels eliminate wheel play while an entirely re-designed bushing seat improves the overall feel, stability and responsiveness of your setup. Experience the next level in high performance truck design with the all new 2015 Bear Kodiak.

- Forged Baseplate and Hanger

- Heat interference pressed axles

- Ultra aligned, straight pressed axles with secondary lock pin

- Tall bushings (19mm), compatible with 15mm bushings by using provided shim

- Conical top bushing seat which eliminates dead zone and truck slop

- Unique top hanger bushing lean, drives hanger from dive into turn

- Classic bottom bushing seat (based on precision) with an added lip for step and double step bushings

- 8 hole mount on baseplate

- Our lightest RKP non- precision truck to date

- Strongest truck to date

- Includes Laser Etched Wood Box

- Includes Replacement Bushings in 90a blue, 92a white with 94a black bushings pre-loaded on truck

- Includes 99a shim bushing to accommodate standard bushings


wow wow wee wow
on 2019-09-21 Verified Purchase
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Kodiaks go hard!
on 2019-02-21 Verified Purchase
Reliable and predictable truck!
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Bear Kodiak: the best
on 2017-09-02
these trucks are the best trucks I tested, super strong and light.
Light AND strong...Carving Perfection
on 2017-03-17 Verified Purchase
These Kodiaks are quite THE UPGRADE to my prior favorite trucks. In the past I've tried Atlas, Gullwing, Paris, Generic brands, and Bear trucks and I settled on the grizzlys for my first board. I knew I might need stronger trucks down the line(I like to be prepared) and so I got these. They are EXTREMELY tough but designed very well in terms material placement. I expect that these will NEVER fail and standing on them is like the first time you ever skated a nice board; You know, that nieve feeling that better trucks just dont exist, but then you eventually learn that better trucks DO exist, and then you get these, and all over again you just dont think that a better set of trucks could ever be conceived. On these trucks when I lean they lean with me, in unison, then when I want straight, they "snap" right back to straight. I think thats due to the cambered bushing seats. Really when you think of it, its simple kinetic physics. As you lean over an edge more of your weight needs to be held back and thats what the bushing seat provides. Perfectly crafted and honestly, I'd rather have these long lasting trucks than cast trucks that may in the end bend under heavier riders. I still love having Grizzlys(5th gen) on my first board and the Paris v2 werent bad feeling at all when I stood on them in the shop, but when you're ready to future proof your rig and be set for life, get these.
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best trucks ever
on 2016-09-10
these are the greatest trucks ever. So much lean on these And feel great for freeride
Normal image
Amazing Trucks!
on 2016-02-19
These trucks are amazing! They are very light and responsive have crazy amounts of lean! I would highly recommend a set of these to anyone looking to increase their freeride/downhill game! My setup: Riot Tall Barrels 90a BS/ 90a with Amish Cupped Washer RS and Riot 92.5a Kodiak Pivot Cups.