127mm Bennett Black 5.0 Inch Skateboard Truck

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  • Width (mm): 127
  • Baseplate Angle: Not Applicable
  • Geometry: Traditional
  • Construction: Cast
  • Hole Pattern: 6-Hole
  • Rake: Not Applicable
  • Color: Black
  • Bushings Shape & Duro: Tall Barrel/Standard Barrel (90a)
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The Bennett Vector 5.0" longboard skateboard truck is a versatile truck allowing you to do mostly what you want with it. It is great for taking to your local skate park and generating some serious slashes around the pool and it is also great for carving.

Don't get caught on the coping though, the Bennett Vector 5.0 Longboard skateboard truck has a square hanger that does not grind as well as other "skatepark trucks" like Independents.

The Bennett Vector geometry and oversize bushings allow the Bennett to turn more than a standard Independent vertical king pin truck. This design is more suited towards slalom riding and carving.

We really like the Bennett Vector 5.0" longboard skateboard truck on boards around 25" - 36" with or without a kick-tail. Boards that work really well with Bennett trucks are the Loaded Pintail, Landyachtz Allstar, Gravity Spear, Gravity Slalom, and the Rayne Timeline for pumping.

Bennett's Description

Awesome re-issued Truk from Mr. Bennett! You may have ridden these back in the 70's when Bennett Truks first came out. Let me tell you, these truks are worth checking out! The latest Vector Model Truks from Bennett are now being built with a high rebound urethane bushing which helps the performance and overall feel of the super turning Vector. Also the finish on the standard silver finish is now high polished and really looks fantastic. You'll be hard pressed to find a tighter turning truck. Made in the USA.

• New and improved urethane bushings
• New and improved LOWER PRICE
• New and improved high polished silver finish
• Available sizes: 4.3 inch & 5.0 inch


Pretty great but a tad heavy and bushings are hard
on 2019-06-07 Verified Purchase
These things carve deep and pop back quickly, both due to the bushings and geometry. probably wont grind as well but lets be honest, you arent buying these to grind. The two major issues are the weight and stock bushings. I am fine with the stock bushings, but only becuase I needed heavier bushings than what would normally be ran in a carvy rig. A lot of people (especially sub 180lb) will most likely need softer bushings (I think these clock in at either 90a or 92a)... Also, these things have a decent amount of weight. Thats something thats not as easy to mitigate. If you are trying to keep your deck on the ground and want deep divy carves without having to give up the crisp snap back of big thick bushings, these are the way to go.
Great Trucks
on 2016-07-03 Verified Purchase
Work Great, although did not exactly align with the holes on a Penny Deck. Drilling the mounting holes on the trucks out fixed it in a matter of minutes, and now they work great. Fast shipping as well.