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The TSG Longboard Wavesk8 Freeride Knee Pads are just what you need to keep your knees protected on the hill. Our team at Muirskate has put this pad to the test on countless hills and mountain passes. What we like most about this knee pad is that they don't slide down from the knee cap upon impact. The beveled urethane cap does not catch edges when making contact with the pavement. You slide to a stop! That's what you want! This kneepad s low-profile and provides sufficient impact protection. This is the most comfortable low profile skateboarding pad on the market. They are form-fitting and extremely comfortable, without sacrificing protection.

WaveSk8 pads feature a rounded encapsulating large caps that wrap around the outside for extra coverage during unexpected falls. Adjustable straps stretch the circumference of the pads for custom adjustments.

All of this comes in a pre-shaped design that's ready for shredding!

Oh, and did we mention they are washable?!

Top Circumference: 38-42cm (15-16.5in)
Bottom Circumference: 30-35cm (12-14in)

Top Circumference: 42-46cm (16.5-18in)
Bottom Circumference: 35-40cm (14-16in)

Top Circumference: 46-50cm (18-19.5in)
Bottom Circumference: 40-45cm (16-18in)

Extra Large
Top Circumference: 50-54cm (19.5-21in)
Bottom Circumference: 45-50cm (18-19.5in)

TSG's Description

Designed for everything skate, the Kneepad Wavesk8 A delivers all the protection and comfort that this demanding discipline of sliding sideways demands. Its pre-shaped design is constructed from a double-stitched durable tear-resistant nylon to withstand the abrasive tarmac slides while a replaceable, high definition polyethylene full-cover cap covers a removable ACF knee pad with lateral padding on both sides and above the knee. The pad is kept in place with anti-slip NBR liner and top and bottom 360° Velcro straps with strap holders. A comfortable lining and non-slip cuffs and pre-shaped design add to the pads precision fit and comfort so riders can focus on their concrete waves without worrying about getting hurt.


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