Sector 9 Elbow and Knee Gasket Pads

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The new Sector 9 Gaskets are SICK! Flexible, Comfortable, Durable, Cushioned, and Safe! Enough said…

…but there is always more to say. These are a great choice for someone that likes a 'low-profile' pad, something similar to a G-Form but are looking for more protection. Even with the hard plastic cap these feel like a small pad set that also fits snug under clothes.

These pads are ideal for more experienced riders who do not fall very much and are looking for a little protection or for riders who ride at slower speeds and want pads that aren't bulky.

In comparison to standard skateboarding knee and elbow pads, the Sector 9 Gasket Knee and Elbow Pads feature much less padding because downhill skateboarders do not undergo as much direct impact as traditional park skateboarders. The Sector 9 Gasket Knee and Elbow pads offer plenty of slide and mild impact protection.

**Check the sizing guide for fitment**

If still un-sure what size you are or are right in the middle of S/M and L/XL we suggest going for the smaller size to ensure a snug fit.

Due to the nature of sizing pads in general and the disposition/preferences of the rider, there may be some disagreement with the numbers listed here. That being said, we will not accept returns on protective gear (kneepads, helmets, gloves, or elbow pads) that has been "used". If you're going to test them out to see if they fit and move properly, please do so on CARPET and NOT on concrete, wood, plastic, metal, trees, rocks, griptape, sand paper, or anything else that may scratch the protective gear. You don't want to receive scratched goods, so why would anyone else?!

Sector 9's Description

Whether you're charging down hills, sliding, freeriding, skating ditches, or riding vert, Sector 9 has the right pad for you. We've really put our team riders through the ringer developing these pads over the last 2 years in order to ensure you receive the highest level of protection. So slap some on today, and drop in, drop knee, pole jam, or slide around a corner with confidence.

Streamline and Light weight
Thick Replaceable Caps
Comes with bag


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