187 Wrist Guards

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187 Killer Pads wrist guards are designed to protect your wrist for unexpected falls. The wrist guards look and feel great. Extra thick splint protection concentrated at the base of the hand where most impacts occur. The ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures extra durability where you want it.


X-Small: 5 - 5.7 in

Small: 5.7 – 6.5 in

Medium: 6.5 – 7 in

Large: 7 – 8.5 in

187's Description

Our wrist guards is the optimum solution for wrist protection. Its design encases the wrist to provide safety from certain injuries related to skating and other action sports.

X-Small: 5 - 5.7 in
Small: 5.7 – 6.5 in
Medium: 6.5 – 7 in
Large: 7 – 8.5 in

-Angled design conforms to hand for excellent fit
- Reinforced thumb hole and palm increase longevity
-Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
- Padded interior provides increased comfort
- Extra thick splint gives concentrated protection at base of hand where most hard impacts occur


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Comfortable for large-ish hands
on 2021-09-15 Verified Purchase
I was a little worried ordering these because my hands measure 9", and the size L says 8.5", but I was hoping it would be close enough - they fit comfortably with a little room to spare. They are very comfortable and they seem to work! I haven't fallen hard on them but I did wear one on my hurt wrist and had a light fall the other day and didn't even feel it
Good Value
on 2020-09-16 Verified Purchase
Sizing is accurate, traditional style, good construction, does its job. I decided to order a set after spraining my wrist bad due to bad bite. Not gonna lie, they really limit dexterity / mobility and suck for everything but protecting from injury during a fall. Wish they were sold individually, I only wear one on my lead wrist.
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Just what you need!
on 2020-05-19 Verified Purchase
High quality construction, easy to put on and take off, stays in place while riding, very comfortable to wear, keeps your wrists from being wrecked and your palms from being shredded as bad in a fall, super affordable price, what else could you want? Buy them already. My only tip is size up if you are close to the top end of the size specs.
No broken wrist
on 2016-07-04 Verified Purchase
Sturdy, comfortable, and a must have.