0.06" Loaded Shock Pad - Soft Risers

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You love your boards right? Protect them by dampening the harsh metal to wood contact. These shock pads are small enough to protect the board, yet they aren't thick enough to change the height of the board. Simple things like these make your boards last much longer.

Loaded's Description

Our 1/16" shock pads are cushy yet thin, taking the edge off road vibrations while also giving your setup a touch more clearance for larger wheels. Also easy to trim and use as a wedging adjustment to modify your truck's steering geometry.

Includes two (2) shock pads (enough for one complete skateboard).


A little too soft for me...
on 2021-04-25 Verified Purchase
A good size soft riser for simply protecting a deck in the long run, but not suggested for actually adjusting ride height since they are incredibly soft and form differently under tight pressure...
Noticeable Difference on Stiff Decks
on 2021-03-20 Verified Purchase
I put some of these on my Landyachtz Dugout. Between the deck and the risers. I also switched the wheels from the stock 60mm Chubbies to their 63mm Fatties. The combination of the Loaded shock pad and the slightly larger and wider wheels made a very strongly noticeable effect on the vibration and impact of rough pavement and sidewalk cracks/seams. It’s a huge improvement, even more than I was hoping to get. I’ll be getting these for any future decks that I use hard risers on, it’s definitely more than worth the few dollars.
Can't complain
on 2021-03-11 Verified Purchase
Works surprisingly well for such a thin shock pad. I trust them on my main setup.
All shock no lift
on 2020-11-22 Verified Purchase
Does what it says, no problems