0.06" Array "Sticky" Drop-Thru Shocked Strips - Soft Risers

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$6.30 USD
1 Quantity = 2 Risers, enough for a complete longboard.


Array's "Sticky" Drop-Thru Shocked Strips are perfect for those of us who hate dealing with extra loose parts...

These shock strips are 0.06" thick and have a "sticky" adhesive backing so you can apply them directly to your baseplate or board for added protection and vibration reduction. Or use the risers without peeling off the backing and they're just standard risers.

Pick up some Array Shocked Pads today, you'll be stoked!

Array's Description

We hope this product gives you great performance! These drop-thru pads may be applied to the board, the truck, or split style base plates. The board surface would be preferred in order to protect the surface from water penetration, scratching, or indenting.

Clean the application area with simple green, dry with a a paper towel. Let surface dry thoroughly. These pads will not stick to a dirty or wet surface.

Other benefits:
Leaving the paper on these pads will allow you to use them as a thin riser, or to reduce vibration.

Enjoy your Array Shocked Pads!


Effective But Easy & Simple Protection!
on 2021-05-09 Verified Purchase
Great for adding protection to your deck. Removes some of the damage done from all the saking and rattling. Plus, adds protection without really affecting your ride hight, and the adhesive backside makes it simple easy to apply or even customize if necessary.
Awesome design
on 2019-05-02 Verified Purchase
Really happy with the shape and thickness of these! They provide such a smooth ride.
Normal img 20180809 085155186
Sticky is as sticky does.
on 2018-08-15 Verified Purchase
I thought I would give these stickies a try and...me likey.
Drop thru shock pads
on 2016-09-10 Verified Purchase
Made the ride on the cruiser noticeably smoother. They do their job