0.13" MuirSkate Beasto Drop Through Strips - Shock Absorbing Risers

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$4.50 USD
1 Quantity = 2 Risers, enough for a complete longboard.

High Quality shock pad risers are an essential part of every longboard. Without them, you'll feel every bump, rock, and stick in the road, and it can even result in stress cracks and broken hardware.

To prevent these types of problems, we recommend you install MuirSkate Shock Pads on ALL your boards. In fact, we cant think of a single negative thing to say about these things, and that's why they come stock on EVERY complete!

We want your skateboard to last as long as possible and so should you, put MuirSkate Shock Pads on all of your setups and not only will your board thank you, but your feet will as well.

NOTE: 1.25" Panhead/Flathead bolts are the most common length for a 0.13" Soft Riser.

***One package is enough for a set of TWO trucks (one skateboard)


used this to drop my dropthrough, very nice
on 2022-04-03 Verified Purchase
these are really nice.
love these things
on 2022-02-09 Verified Purchase
these are awesome, the combination of lowering the deck plus damping vibrations is killer
Good stuff
on 2021-12-02 Verified Purchase
There's a considerable difference between nothing and having shock pads. Smoother and keeps vibrations down to a minimum.
on 2021-04-02 Verified Purchase
Smooth as soapy silk
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Work Great
on 2020-12-27 Verified Purchase
Perfect thickness
Great for drop through decks
on 2020-08-20 Verified Purchase
Used it to lessen the stress that the mounting hardware put on my drop through and absorb some vibration. Overall pretty solid
on 2020-06-27 Verified Purchase
Study and beautiful appearance on board!
on 2020-05-10 Verified Purchase
High quality material that does not compress easily. Dampens ride and lowers deck height significantly. Lowering may also contribute to deck bite on the ground.
on 2020-05-04 Verified Purchase
Top quality
on 2019-06-28 Verified Purchase
Really thick and durable product!
They work.
on 2019-01-13 Verified Purchase
What else can I ask for?
smooth ride
on 2018-11-07
helps make cruising easier and more comfortable, protects the bottom of my board from stress cracks. pretty great for the price
A perfect set of risers for drops
on 2018-10-29 Verified Purchase
This are great! nice and thick, but not too thick and they really do help with soak up all the road vibrations and chattering. Another great product from the guys here at Muirskate.
She relaxed after I put this on
on 2018-09-10 Verified Purchase
So where were we, RIGHT, so I pinned two trucks hard onto her board with my 2 inch panhead hardware. Quite a lot of time had passed, Id say about a minute, and BOOM I realised I forgot something to help with shock absorbtion, nay, I was prepared, with feverish pace I unpacked a pair of these riser pads and my trucks were back on her board, everyone observing us in the malls parking lot could relax now because we all knew that the rough pavement ahead wouldnt be hindered by any unexpected vibrations.
Absorbed shock
on 2017-08-23 Verified Purchase
I was holding my longboard when my wife announced she was pregnant and surprisingly I didn't even care. All the shock that usually comes with hearing that you are going to be a father was just gone. Gotta thank these riser. In reality, they are really nice and allow for a smooth ride. 10/10
Get the job done
on 2016-11-12 Verified Purchase
go for it
on 2016-09-13 Verified Purchase
They do as they say. they absorb shocks and are quite durable.
Normal eye
must have for dropthroughs
on 2016-08-16 Verified Purchase
gotta have some shock strips on a dropthrough(OG Dervish) just buy em their worth every penny.
First time longboarder
on 2016-06-19 Verified Purchase
This is my first longboard so my only comparison is to skating in the 90's. I know this definitely adds to the smooth ride.
Must have
on 2015-12-27 Verified Purchase
They absorb alot of shock and vibration, allow for a smoother ride
DT 38 Longboard
on 2015-09-11 Verified Purchase
Purchased as part of a complete longboard, super happy.