0.13" Khiro Drop Through Strips - Shock Absorbing Risers

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  • Angle: 0.0
$4.50 USD
1 Quantity = 2 Risers, enough for a complete longboard.

Designed to fit the majority of (if not all) truck styles including Randal, Paris, Bear, Caliber, Gullwing, Surf Rodz, and Independent Trucks...

We support and encourage the use of shock strips on all drop through longboard skateboards. The use of shock strips on a drop through board will help increase the lifespan of your deck, as well as help reduce the wear and tear all your gnarly shredding puts on your hardware.

Placed between the truck and the deck, having a dampening system ensures that you're not just pressing your trucks into your deck every time you make a hard carve or slide.

Be sure to add a set of No. 10 Washers to your order to help protect the deck from the pressure the nuts will create on the underside of the deck!
(If you're ordering a complete, don't worry about it. We'll throw them on for you.)

Khiro Shock Pads are the industry leader in riser technology for longboard skateboard and that is why Muirskate.com carries only Khiro for risers.

Khiro Bob is definitely in a class of his own! Bob is always innovating and making his products better for us longboarders and street skaters. You can tell when you look at his selection.

He only uses the finest ingredients for his shock pads. That results in less stress cracking in your board and minimizes broken hardware. Taste one sometime. Most shock pads leave a gritty residue in your mouth, but not Khiro Bobs. His taste like Tangy Taffy!! Go with Khiro. We do!

NOTE: 1.25" Panhead/Flathead bolts are the most common length for a 0.13" Drop-Thru Riser.

*** One package is enough for a set of TWO trucks (one skateboard)

Khiro's Description

Shock Pads were originally produced in the (70’s) and are an integral part of Skateboarding, they absorb a great amount of shock absorption giving you a smoother ride. Khiro shock pads are designed to offer you the best performance and dependability. All Khiro shock pads are made of a specially formulated material to absorb the hard landings and tough riding conditions.

Khiro went the extra mile to fill your needs by producing ‘Small’; as well as ‘Large’; shock pads in a variety of (Thicknesses) for all styles of skateboarding, such as, ‘Longboarding’, ‘Slalom’, ‘Street’, ‘Banks’, ‘Bowls’, ‘Rails’, ‘Gaps’, ‘Pipes’, ‘Transition’, ‘Big Vert’, ‘Downhill’, ‘Luge’, where ever your board takes you we have a pad.

Note: All Khiro Risers are manufactured with ‘Old School’ and ‘New School’ (Hole Patterns) and the unique ‘Manifold’ style design adds strength as well as performance to you ride.


on 2021-03-11 Verified Purchase
I thought that I would like the thin strip that connects the rails because its easier to keep track of 2 pieces rather than 4. Unfortunately, for my trucks (randal r2), the strip gets in the way. I did not have to cut them off but I do have to push it out of the way.
Just what I needed
on 2021-01-05
These were perfect for my Zenit AB Maze, they smooth out a lot of smaller vibrations and make larger bumps less harsh with no detriment to carving feel. Highly recommended for any drop through setup with enough clearance.
0.13 Khiro on my Icarus.
on 2016-07-18 Verified Purchase
I purchased mostly to protect my board, but now I wished I went with the .25 on my Icky. I was expecting my Icky to ride lower than my 43-deg Savant equipped Tesseract. In time I'll try the .25 Khiro with another set of 43-deg Savants on the Icky to bring me more down to Earth.
Trusted Name
on 2016-07-04 Verified Purchase
Smooth ride...barely notice the sidewalk
on 2016-03-17 Verified Purchase
Good shock absorption