0.06" Loaded Drop Through Strips - Shock Absorbing Risers plus washers

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$4.95 USD
1 Quantity = 2 Risers, enough for a complete longboard.

You love your boards right? Protect the drop through mounting areas by dampening the harsh metal to wood contact. These risers (technically they're "lowerers"...) are small enough to protect the board, yet they aren't thick enough to change the height of the board. Simple things like these make your boards last much longer.

The Loaded Drop Thru Strips are sold in groups of four (4) which will be enough for two trucks.

Washers are included with the purchase of the Loaded Shock Strips to help protect the lower side of the deck from the pressure created by the mounting nuts.

If you are using Randal or Paris Trucks, these risers require no modifications.
For Bear Grizzly Trucks, cut an additional slot the same size as the original just towards the middle of the original.


on 2021-08-13 Verified Purchase
Perfect fit, perfect thinness
on 2020-12-24 Verified Purchase
Wasn't looking for a lot of cushioning, just board protection. These are perfect. They keep the top of the truck low, so I can find those deck tails easier.
on 2020-06-05 Verified Purchase
Smooths out a longboard ride perfectly.
on 2020-06-01
I bought my daughter a complete and did not come with shock absorbers. I did not want to deal with changing out the bolts for a longer size. These strips allow you to do just that because of how thin they are. The washers that came with the strips were an upgrade as well as they were larger.
Good, But a bit of noise
on 2020-04-22 Verified Purchase
They are nice and protect my trucks, but the make a lot of rubber noise, maybe I'll try adding some silicon spray.
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So comfy
on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I dropped these into my Trip, and whoa does it make a difference. I can feel less of the road chatter, and the board makes so much less of that vibration noise
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Gotsta have deez if ya got a drop through board yo!
on 2019-10-02 Verified Purchase
These were a must for me as I’m super freakn picky about my setup NOT making all kinds of annoying arse noises as they’ll drive me bonkerz if I don’t end up fixing them! Don’t hesitate, 👮🏻you sum of deez! Thank me later!
Pure butter.
on 2018-03-12 Verified Purchase
What are you doing reading these reviews? Get a set for your drop through and thank me later.
on 2017-11-01 Verified Purchase
I had purchased an Arbor Axis complete and was surprised they lacked these pieces as it seems to put the stress on a smaller area on the board. These were just what i needed to complete my complete.
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Minimal But Functional
on 2017-04-29
I had these on my Pantheon Trip before I found Muirskate. Since the Trip doesn't allow for high rises, these did the trick. If you're setting up a board like the Pantheon I'd go for a set of these.
My friends tell me...
on 2016-12-10 Verified Purchase
My friends tell me I've got a smooth ride...bet these are helping!