0.5" Khiro Angled Wedge Shock Pad 60A Risers

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  • Angle: 7.0
$7.25 USD
1 Quantity = 2 Risers, enough for a complete longboard.

Add some extra turn to your trucks or take it away for more lean, the choice is yours. Add these angled risers to your setup to either add or subtract 7 degrees turning angle to your trucks.

Khiro Shock Pads are the industry leader in riser technology for longboard skateboard and that is why Muirskate.com carries only Khiro for risers.

Khiro Bob is definitely in a class of his own! Bob is always innovating and making his products better for us longboarders and street skaters. You can tell when you look at his selection.

He only uses the finest ingredients for his shock pads. That results in less stress cracking in your board and minimizes broken hardware. Taste one sometime. Most shock pads leave a gritty residue in your mouth, but not Khiro Bobs. His taste like Tangy Taffy!! Go with Khiro. We do!

NOTE: One package is enough for a set of TWO trucks (one skateboard)

Khiro's Description

Angled Wedge Shock Pads were originally produced in the 1970s and called RadPads. By mounting your trucks on top of these Angled Risers, you can either increase or decrease how your trucks turn by changing the geometry of the KingPin and Pivot Point. To make your trucks turn MORE, position these Angled Wedge Shock Pads under your trucks with the thick side facing the center of your board.

Measurements: 5/8" tapered down to 3/16"

Khiro shock pads are a new concept and have proven to absorb additional shock from hardcore riding. Compounded especially for Khiro, using the Highest Grade Materials. They absorb shock and will give you a more controlled ride you've been looking for. Some skaters put them under their hard riser pads and believe they protect your deck from unneeded stress cracks from trucks being tightened down too much.


on 2020-01-18 Verified Purchase
Keeps my Madrid Twin Twin from speed wobbles. Awesome
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Good Product
on 2016-01-02 Verified Purchase
These give you a bit of vibration dampening and an effective wedging on your trucks. I only use on on the back because I like a minor front to back difference and one on the front would've been to much. Maybe make another with a smaller angle for a more precise setup.